Hey guys this is harsh from shoutmeloud. And Today
I have something interesting to show you, something that made good amount of money for
me. And if you are one of those bloggers who are blogging from last couple of years, this
is something going to work out a lot for you. So I will share exactly what I did to make
so much money that without adding something new, I just worked on my old blog post and
that started making more money than I ever imagined. So, I will let me show you how it
all started. So few days back, I talked about this link patrol plugin and what this plugin
do is, it scans all of your links on the blog and it shows which website you are linking
to. So they have like you know click on the reports
then you go on the domain reports and you will see something like this where you can
see links, the websites that you are linking to. that’s how, so these are the links that
are mentioned on my blog. And so I started blogging in 2008 and since then I have been
adding links to websites that I find useful and it doesn’t matter if they make money
for me or not. I mean I am writing about these websites or linking to them and they have
been useful for my readers and for me as well. Now the thing is in last couple of years internet
has become a big market. I mean All the programs have their affiliate programs so that you
know when you link to them you can replace the link with your own affiliate link and
you get a commission out of it. And there is nothing wrong about it because this is
something, which everyone of else is doing. I mean technically think this way like you
know like a product you link to that website as it is in your blog post. Now with the affiliate
marketing what you do, imstead of you know linking out directly with the links, you get
a custom link and you link out to that blog. So If your reader or if a person who is searching
about that particular stuff and land on your blog, click on the link, goes to the website
and buys from the website, you get a commission out of it and the commission is usually very
high. I mean it goes from 1$ to 200$, may be higher but so far I have seen like I won
180$ from single affiliate sales which I consider to be good. So I will show you what I did
and how I made more money of out linkpatrol plugin. So very first thing, I have added
a link in the description where you can go ahead and see how link patrol plugin works.
So In this video I am not going to go through how the whole plugin works but I will show
you what exactly I did to make money out of this plugin. So the very first thing I like scan my blog
using this plugin. After installing this plugin I went to scanner. Use the scan feature and
scan all my links of my blog and then give me like a report, domain reports. It just
gave me this links which I am already linking out from my blog. Now thing is what I did
to figure out the links which could become a money link. So for eg. Network solution
here is a webhosting website and all the, almost all webhosting website have an affiliate
program so what I did I just like typed network solutions search for affiliate program. That’s
what I see. They have an affiliate program which is 30% of every sale or 150$ commission.
Now all I needed to do is just click on sign up now and sign up for an free account and
that’s it, like, they will give me my affiliate link and on my wordpress blog I use gocode
wordpress plugin for this plugin. It is a free plugin so basically what it does is like
you know you have this long affiliate url so basically that you just add one link, like,
the name of the redirection key add link you url, click on that redirect and then you are
left with this particular link. So what you need to do here is just click on this particular
blog post , number of post that have this network solutions links. So this takes me
here. And that’s it. I see like this particular post of mine is linking out to network solutions
and what I can do I will just show you what exactly I do and in this case I don’t have
the affiliate link but since you know how to get the affiliate link you can go ahead
and get unique affiliate link for your own url. That’s it. So whenever I will like
finish the sign up part, I will click on edit and replace this link with the affiliate link,
click on add redirect. So just repeating myself, this is gocode s
wordpress plugin and it is completely free so here I go . and that’s it. Here is the
link what I need to do , I just need to replace the link with my affiliate link. I also add
no follow, that’s a good practice when you are adding a affiliate link. And all other
links are you know already my affiliate links so I don’t have to worry about. That’s
it and jetpack plugin of course that’s a very good plugin. If you are not using it
you should use it. Click on update, thats it so I , what I did is this way I updated
almost 50+ of my links and these are my latest post like latest affiliate link that I added
on my blog and you can see that you know The number of clicks are very less compared to
what I used to have earlier like 2000 ,2000 plus links clicks but eventually I mean these
all links made good number of sales for me and I mean that I have never used, link patrol
plugin and the one that I am talking about right now, the superlinks. I mean this is
like an adsense alternative program and I never linked out with my affiliate link and
they started making good money for me. I mean this was something when I realized
that you can also copy the same system and make money for you. Esp where you have an
old blog that you have been blogging from last 2-3 years. And especially in 2-3 years
a lot has changed in online marketing. I mean almost all the services or all the software
all the programs which is making money online or which you know saves something they have
an affiliate program. all you need to do is like just search for the name, go to the google
search and click you know just name and click on affiliate program and that’s it. You
will see their affiliate program .in this case its not. Let me replace it with infolinks
and they do have an affiliate program. Wow I am embarrassed because it is not showing.
So Anyways. Lets replace it with my favorite. Hostgator and that’s it . you can see hostgator
have their affiliate program and its all up and running. All you need to go to the link.
You will see a sign up button . sign up for the program its free. Like its free to join
any affiliate program. Just replace the link with your affiliate link and that’s it.
You are good to go. So the link patrol so far has a helped me lot to make money and
it would make money for you. if you have more suggestions, more ideas I
am free. You can drop me comment in the comment section. if you enjoy this video click the
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This is harsh