so her life kallen clunk like this is a
Glenn back with another video and today we are gonna just have a look at the
values of the 1993 50 cent coin so if you’re not too familiar is actually a
low mint 50 cent coin I knew 1 million coins are actually
issued for circulations and then you have our coins issued in sets and in
proof sets which probably about two to three hundred thousand extra coins but
we don’t include them in this analysis because these are only for the
uncirculated sets so here I have an eBay the items that are actually up for sale
and if we sort it why your list those coins are for sale as three
dollars so this one is actually pretty well circulated condition and as you can
see it’s okay to collect it’s good to put it in a collection but that is
actually the cheapest and then the prices go up and of course the price
will increase if the grade is a lot better so this one has this is just an
example image they’re selling multiples of this coin and how much would they be
selling for $8.50 a see how much these actually sold for so no you can’t
actually sell see how much these are actually so forth but there is another
way you can do it which I show people quite often on this channel go to sold
items so whoa first coin sold for $1 plus $3 postage the image is actually not that good you
actually need the image to be a lot better looks a bit damaged as well so
that’s why that wouldn’t actually sell for $1 and then you got $4 25 free
postage but because it’s the best offering not too sure if they’ve
actually took up that offer so you probably paying about 3 or 4 dollars per
coin now I would say three dollars in circulated this is a probably base price
this one has no just one for $5 so you look at that
so that will be four dollars if you take away postage
this is a pretty circulated coin I’m pretty damaged so let’s have a look make
sure this is yep lowest going first so you’ve got five five nine five did I was
post each ten dollars Oh ten dollars six dollars for from four twelve fifty so
it’s about three dollars each so really if you’re paying $10 for this coin
you’re overpaying for it you’re not gonna get $10 back for it usual paying
nine dollars that one’s for 93 97 97 another low mink coin as well as nine
and eighty five 997 I think that’s like a I can’t remember a damn mintage for
that but it’s a bit higher than in 1993 so and then we get ones from Queen sets
obviously it is in very good condition as you can see this should actually be
uncirculated with no damage on it if it has damaged in that he is actually cause
after they’ve removed it from a set and put in a coin cover to actually make
sure it’s not damaged and here’s a proof one you can tell it’s proof because it’s
got frosting on it so come on image so $23 so you can see
the frosting on the actual you mean so it’s actually a proof day of proof I get
proof 50 cent coin it’s probably not really worth taking added the proof set
if that’s all you’re gonna get for it just
sell the proof set and you were some map the coins 26 there’s all four uncirculated a.m.
proof so and here is one that’s actually being graded that’s very interesting a
hundred dollars it’s a proof 69 70 is a maximum deep cam PCGS and if we put that
number there so that number there in their website they’ll give you
information give your photos at the cordon as well it’s a hundred also a
proof i here’s a this is actually taken from the PCGS website so population a
new free of them that are higher so only free coins have been graded 70 proof 69
they have a population of 50 so it’s probably a lot more out there but I’m
not too sure let’s have a look how much there’s a proof set cost because when you get a proof say you
actually want to if you want to divide that you need to take into account how
much an actual set costs so one dollar you go 40 bucks 40 bucks they got the
first coin graded and they sold it for a hundred
it’s a grading probably number thirty dollars might make twenty dollars on the
actual coin itself but if you got a great older coins and then you’re gonna
sell them then you’re good making good profits or forty dollars then you divide
it up yeah yeah I’d actually get a proof suit and actually divided up if the
proof set cost us and now like over 100 dollars you I won’t worry about that so
anyway that is the value of a 1993 50 cent coin
I hope this actually now won’t worry bender so anyway I hope you enjoyed this
video and you learnt something and just keep collecting coins and banknotes
Thank You Wayne bye bye