Log in your Facebook account Click Developer option from below Then click Docs button. Click Social Plugins option. Go to Setting option from to right corner. Direct link was below the Discription Then click Comments from below right corner. Type your URL Width as you like Now number of post Click get code Copy that code Go to the link(Code converter) below in the description and paste the code and click convert Now copy that converted code(Now this a new code) Go to blogger-template>edit html Search tag {Ctrl+f} Type

and press Enter Paste that converted code just below theDon’t forget “this kind of code you have to paste just below the” Now click save Template Now After you done saving Search(CTRL+F) this code:Copy and paste the code given below.[Note:code was given in the link,link was below the description] Before i save the Template i wanna show you a Post where i have no facebook comment box Right here there was no facebook comment box right now Now click Save the Template Refresh the post Now i have a facebook comment box Thanks Comment,Like and subscribe Our channel