Hello, everybody. Adam W. Warner here. In
today’s video I want to show you how to easily link to existing posts or pages, or even media,
when you’re writing a blog post. When you’re writing a post, it’s good SEO to link to some
of your existing content. You might want to refer to maybe a part one of a post that you’re
working on or refer to an older post for whatever reason. Typically what you would need to do
is use the built-in WordPress link to search through your posts. This plugin called Mentionable
happens a little faster for you. It allows you to link stuff in your editor much faster.
I really liked it, so I’m going to show you how to use it. I’m going to head on over to my development
site here. This is the post list. You can see I have a few posts. One is called hello
world, which is the default WordPress post. Another one called … another hello world
post, and yet another hello world post. I’m going to show you how to link to existing
posts in your site using the Mentionable plugin. I’ve already got a draft here created for
the Mentionable plugin. As you can see, I’ve written, “This is a post using the Mentionable
plugin.” I can easily link to another post or page by using the @ symbol like this. I’m
going to go ahead and continue typing and see what happens here when I start to type
the title or any word in the title of an existing post. I’m going to type the word hello. You can
see here it brings up all of the posts that have the word hello in it. I can easily just
link that and then keep writing. It’s as simple as that. It’s a really handy utility plugin
for doing internal links. Now, if you wanted to do it the old way, you could write some
text. Then you could highlight it. Then you could use the insert or edit link. You can
choose link to existing content. You’ll see your list here. Now this gets very cluttered
when you have hundreds of posts. Or you could use the internal search there to filter that
out, and choose your link. It keeps the link, some text, and links to the post. You can see the difference here is this pulls
in the post title, the Mentionable plugin does. The internal WordPress linking links
whatever text you’ve highlighted. That’s it. That’s the Mentionable plugin for WordPress.
It’s got only 200 active installs. It’s got a nice review on WP Tavern. I would suggest
reading that too. I hope you liked that little tip.