You may know Eminem for his odd, yet iconic performance of a 2002 song at the 2020 Oscars or his “lung-less” rapping on the track “Godzilla” but the rap community knows him for his as controversial as it was brilliant. Besides writing songs like “Stan” and “Lose Yourself” Eminem’s technical understanding of language is astounding. And I say this as a poet. There’s classic poetic meter, line upon line of consonance with letters like V. But most of the press nowadays is either negative, or, more often, disappointed because his lyrics, once legendary, are now in fact, So what happened? After his 2004 album Encore, Eminem took a break from music, he kicked his drug addiction, and when he came back, that Or did it? In the writing world we talk about freewriting to put a pen to paper and not pick it up for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, however long you choose. And this does 2 things. 1) it forces you to write something when you’re convinced you have nothing, i.e. writer’s block, and 2) it completely overrides your filter. Most of us end up censoring ourselves because we think what we jot down but in waiting for the best content we often end up writing and missing out on a lot of great ideas that might have come had we just let go and spit everything in our brains onto the page. so freewriting is a go-to for writers and poets to pick their own brains for content and for professors to show students that they’re When I listen to Eminem’s music circa 2001 I see it as a When I listen to his new music, I see a perfectionist who’s so obsessed with writing that he ends up self-censoring all the unknowingly great lines Eminem’s 2001 lyrics make you think and I truly believe that Eminem came up as a battle rapper, where you’re not allowed to think. And in his early studio work, you hear that, that he didn’t give himself the chance to nitpick his lyrics so his songs were unfiltered, and but in his newer albums, there’s too much nitpicking and we’re left with something very lackluster, and disappointing to fans of his earlier work. You can still hear his lyrical skill in his new music, just much less often. So…what changed? Back in the 60’s and 70’s we had some of the greatest and wierdest lyrics of a generation cuz frankly, and I pref ace this by saying but LSD didn’t make the Beatles any more talented it just completely it opened their minds, if you will. Eminem was high in his early career, but that made him a good writer, it was the and, again, Don’t do drugs. There’s a reason so many musicians from the 60’s and 70’s no longer write: They OD’d on absurd amounts of heroin and acid. Also, before you die, drugs destroy your family, your ability to get a job, rob you of house and home, your future, So, yea… Eminem: “Don’t get mixed up with drugs.” without ruining your life. Our brains are the It’s what’s made us what we are as a species. We all have the ability to be brilliant Or at the very least get out the ideas we want to get out, but so often we whether out of perfectionism, or the fear of writing something bad. It’s like we forget that Human brains built the pyramids, created Middle Earth and Westeros and We literally broke the laws of evolution in more than a few cases And as detrimental as I think a lot of human achievement has been, I often wonder… If we’re capable of destroying a planet, how much more could we do, or how much could we fix? if we stopped self-censoring ourselves and I mean, Einstein would have never been Einstein if he’d said Mmm? Nah! XP creating content isn’t about forcing yourself to only write perfect lines, or to impress other people, it’s about and sure, there will be some bad content, but there will also be the So that’s my life advice for today. Stop trying to be such a perfectionist and just… Also, The dude’s still brilliant, he just… And since I always end these things with a quote, this one’s from Margaret Atwood: