Welcome all to see this tutorial The current tutorial The current tutorial is related to Blog all the blog posts will be described in a phased manner So we have a website like this, here’s a website here’s a website that will be able to create such a blog about how we can create it The science and technology that is the first of its website, here is the technology here that you can see here are some of the tutorials related to blogs Find article And I have a YouTube channel – “how the ways” can be seen here or in the tutorials or articles in this playlist and can see the playlist blog tutorial list on my YouTube channel . If you do not subscribe to my YouTube channel yet, you must subscribe and click here that there is a red color subscribe button and like to place it like this button click on this button and share it among friends and comment in the comment box It is make my channel growth so much . Each post related to my blog will be given in the following descriptions of the linked video So now we will see how we can create a blog So to create the blog, we will first write in the tab home page’ blogger.com” after writing blogger we will see that such an interface will come and here we will see “blogger.com create a unique and beautiful blog It’s easy and free “- Here we click You will see that such an interface has come here and you can not come here . If you have not created a blog in the past then it will not come If you are going to create this blog first click on this logo here After signing out, the interfaces that are created will be similar to yours Then after clicking on create a blog we will see that the Gmail accounts that we have open will be opened, we will remove the Gmail account from which we want to create a blog and after clicking on the next , we will have to enter the password After clicking on the password and clicking on next, we will see that there will be a long box like two boxes for title and web address , I gave a web address in the web address room , because the web address is a blog The text of the web address was written on the right hand side of this blog address is not available right hand side of this blog address is not available This means that since a blog has been created with this web address we will not be able to create a blog with this web address so when we create this web address with another name it will be seen that the head mark is on the right and the web address is written in the bottom right of the text box ‘This blog address is available’ box ‘This blog address is available’ means that I can create a blog with this web address When we enter the web address in this web address room Speed any word out of the box at the bottom left of the web address and it will be done with the click blogspot.in– shall enter in the box on the right side of the text box is available at the web address to come | and the web addresses below there are several themes | These are Google’s own products – which we can use to create blocks. I will take this theme from here After taking this theme we will see the writing on the bottom right, “create a blog” ” Then we will see that such an interface has come up where a google domain will be placed below and a search box will appear on the bottom right of the search box After we create a blog, the subdomain of the blog has to be purchased in order to convert the subdomain to a domain such as com.in org etc Related tutorials i will give you the next time. Then we will click on No Thanks to see that an interface has been reached for posting At the top of this interface will create a new pos | In the next section we will discuss the different tools on the right side of this blog and we will end up inviting everyone to see the next tutorial.