So let’s welcome back to our YouTube channel This is Sachin and you are watching me on Flizzindia Today I will tell you how to create your website with the help of the WordPress blog spot And Vic’s there are lots of websites are providing you free space and if you can easily create subdomain over there And you can easily create a website Will be helped off seen templates and CSS JavaScript, which is available free of cost on internet Friends you just need to create your own subdomain over there on WordPress fix and blogger these are the three platforms Which you can use to create your own free website? Video of bloggers tips and tricks I have already told you how to create your blog or website with the help of blogger or blogspot Wise now it’s time to learn how to create a website with the help of WordPress You know guys WordPress is one of the best CMS that is content management system now these days so guys in the first system what you just need to do is to visit the official website of the WordPress that is one fresco to RZ and download a full setup from there and install in your system after that I will tell you the complete process to install the WordPress in my next video so wait for the next video for the WordPress installation how to install WordPress So as this dogs’ll website of the wordpress that is what was taught of RT And you can download the setup from here. There is a download option and i’m just going to download the setup of the wordpress because this is the latest version of the WordPress that is for point 9.4 and The size of the WordPress setup is about 9 MB the exercise 8.9. MB so as here we have few things keep my wine that is the WordPress needs server So it’s very important to have one you know system if you don’t have server then you can download Jam server or gram server whatever you want to download you can download From the official website of the huge amps or you can download bit Nami that is complete setup of teapot In which you will get WordPress setup as well as server So guys here. We have the complete setup of the WordPress for point 9.4 This is the latest version now. I’m just going to extract the files from the original file Now keep all these files in the same folder, which is available in the c drive So as this is the first part in my next next video I will tell you how to install WordPress completely in your system And how to use WordPress in detail so guys this is the tutorial series of the WordPress? sokeep subscribe to our channel for the latest videos for the next videos you can subscribe to a channel share with your friends and Press the wall icon for the latest notification Thanks for watching this video keep subscribe and watch a BK powered rifle is India