Okay so in this video I’m going to show you
how to create some links or hyperlinks on your website blog. Alright, let’s check it
out. Okay so one of the best ways to keep people
interacted on your website they’ll want to read more stuff is you can create links within
your post or pages and what I mean by links is for example on this website, you can see
right here there’s a different color, ‘Insanity Workout Schedule’ a different color from the
rest of the text body. And also ‘Click Here’ is also blue and down here ‘Dig Deeper and
Insanity Fit Test’. So, one of the greatest ways to keep people reading content on your
website is too add links throughout your pages and post. So for example, if I click this
it’s going to lead me to another article about something else on my website and it’s very
important because you want people to stay engaged on your website and you don’t want
them to just read one article and just leave. You’ll want them to read a couple things and
stay on they can really just understand what you’re trying to promote or teach them and
that’s a really great way to do that is to create these links. So you’re probably wondering,
“how do I do that?”. I’m going to show you. We’re going to go inside of our dashboard,
and we’re going to go to an example post. It’s actually very easy to do this. So basically
let’s say I wanted to highlight this ‘brand website logo’. And basically you highlight
whatever text you want to link, You’re going to see this little chain button. You’re going
to click to insert. And you’re going to basically type in the address that you want that, when
someone clicks on it where they go to. So this is an example so I’m just going to for
the sake of time just click on the first link and then basically that’s the address and
I’m just going to title it, ‘Brand Website” or something. And you have the ability to
if you want them to click it, when it clicks it opens a brand new page or it just refreshes
on to the current page they’re looking for. There’s different strategies to do this. For
me if it’s something where I feel like I want them to learn about something but then come
back to my current page that they’re reading I would click this button to say I want it
to open in another a new page. However if it’s a page that I want them to see and I
don’t want them to go back to where they were looking at I don’t click this button. It’s
really up to you on how you want to do it. You just click add link. And there you go.
As you can see it’s highlighted in purple it’s underlined so now when I click ‘PREVIEW
CHANGES’ that very link ‘brand website logo’ is now colored in blue and when they click
on it it goes to a different page or website. So there you go. That’s how you create a link
and it’s a great tool. A way to keep people engaged on your website and really help people
navigate, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys on the next one.