– Today I have five tips
how to cure writers block. Sometimes every melody and
lyrics we make makes no sense, but don’t you worry, help is on the way. ♪ Lettin’ go off all my heavy load ♪ ♪ I waited for the moment to unfold ♪ ♪ Nobody’s gonna make me feel ♪ ♪ I’m goin’ down, oh ♪ ♪ I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ okay ♪ ♪ I stand up and take it as I go ♪ ♪ I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ okay ♪ ♪ Stronger than ever ♪ ♪ Faded is not a shade of mine ♪ ♪ All in all I’m doin’ fine ♪ ♪ I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ okay ♪ Hey friends, I’m Ante and
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with your songwriting? And didn’t know if you ever
could write a song again? I’m sure I have. When you struggle with everything you do, these five tips will help you restart. Number one, the egg clock challenge. When you get stuck with songwriting, it is easy to be hard on yourself and every song you make sounds boring and you don’t know if you
ever could write a song again. But what is the egg clock challenge? The egg clock challenge
is a method that will help you get going with
your songwriting again. It is easy, you take your smart phone, and set the timer to 20
minutes, and start writing. Under those 20 minutes,
you focus on the thing in your writing process
that is blocking you. If it is a melody, focus on that melody. If it is lyrics, focus on that lyrics. When I say focus, I mean no social media and other things that
could destroy your focus. When you have done those 20 minutes, record what you have done. If you have written a lyric, it’s obvious you have written it down. Then you take a break and you go back and listen to what you have done. (sipping through straw) Then when you go back and listen, I’m sure you will be
amazed what you have done. If you do this over and over again, I am sure you will see
progress with your songs. Number two, don’t stop writing. When everything you want
to do is sell your guitar and give your piano to the neighbor, or, (sighs) yeah, you get it. My advice is, don’t do it. Don’t stop writing, and have fun. I am sure with these five
tips and with your passion, you will get over your writing block. And try new things. For instance, take a piano sample in a genre you never written before, and those chord could help you get going with your songwriting again. One thing I collaborate
with is lyric writing, because I’m not a native … Because I’m not native English speaking. Number three, finish songs. When I get stuck, I tend to
do 15 verses, 15 choruses, 15 other things, and tune my
guitar again and play a piano, and do other things than write. And my songs isn’t getting
even close to get done. What you should try to do is
make a song from start to end. Take verse, chorus, verse, chorus. Write lyrics, don’t mind
if the lyrics are wrong, and if the melody don’t sound
the way you want it to sound. Just make the song
playable from start to end. Two things happens when I do this, one is I get more songs done, and second, I lower the pressure and
I get my confidence back. Number four, set a time limit. If you’re going to make
a song, set a time limit. Week one, you make lyrics and melodies. Week two, you record it and produce it. Easy. What I mean with this is that you should set a time limit or a deadline on a song. Take it in small steps. In week one, you only focus
on the melody and the lyrics, and make them a perfect
relationship to each other. Before five we take a break of water. Number five, don’t forget why. Why do you write songs? Why do you play music? Could you live without it? I’m sure I can’t, and I won’t either. To be a songwriter is my passion in life. To be around talented
people and songwriters is the best thing I know. Every day I do something with music. I listen to other songs,
speak to other songwriters, and if I get stuck, I
know other songwriters that could help me progress with a song. And I don’t mind if I’m not
as good as the hit songwriters or have the brilliant
voice as the best I know. I write songs and play music because it’s my passion in life. Don’t be hard on yourself
and don’t give up. Patience is your best friend. Don’t forget why you’re doing it, and don’t give up and stop writing songs. Okay, I hope you have enjoyed those five steps to cure writers block. I would love your feedback
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great songwriting time. ♪ I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ okay ♪ ♪ I stand up and take it as I go ♪ ♪ I’m doin’ alright, I’m doin’ okay ♪ ♪ Stronger than ever ♪ ♪ Faded is not a shade of mine ♪ ♪ All in all I’m doin’ fine ♪