Carla McNeil here from Butterfly Networking.
Coming to you from New Westminster, BC for this weeks Social Media Quick Tip.
This week I want to show you a little trick with Twitter lists.
Now, on my own Retire with Carla Twitter page, my lists are maxed out and I am not going
to change any, but here on my hobby Twitter, I have
very few lists. What happened is I wanted to be able to delete
one for a client and then create some new and it took me forever to figure out how on
earth do I delete a Twitter list. So, here we are in your Twitter page and I
am in the profile. See here I am in profile and I am coming down
to lists and go to the lists that I want. Now, I have never used this one here, tweets
too much, and it moves this over here and I can either edit this list or I can delete
it. What I want to do here is I want to delete
this particular Twitter list. Am I sure? Yes, I am absolutely sure, and
if I now go back to my list, you will see it is gone.
It is really that easy, once you figure out how.
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