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Today I’ll show you how to delete your WordPress blog. This will walk you through how to delete your
site whether you’re on the WordPress.com, hosted platform or if you have your own self hosted
site. First, on the WordPress.com platform, make
sure you create a backup. This is good measure in case you want to restore it in the future. After you’ve backed it up, you can go to Tools–>Delete
Site to delete it. You’ll need to provide a reason for it here
and them click delete now. You’ll get a confirmation email making sure that you want this to happen.
Just click on the link inside the email and it will finish deleting your blog. If you just don’t want others
to see your site, you can log into your dashboard go to Settings–>Reading page and click
I would like my site to be private. Conversely if you want to completely delete it, then first
back up your site in case you change your mind later, then you’ll need to log into your
hosting account’s cpanel and go to the file manager area like this. Go to the root directory and delete all
files there. Now your site has been successfully deleted. Note, even though you just deleted your site,
search engines like google usually creates a cache of the site and people might still
be able to access the data until google no longer caches it. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there, we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.