Hello everyone. Welcome to another edition of Intelligent Bytes. Today we’re going to be talking about how to discover valuable blog ideas or helpful blog ideas, from a Google Analytics report called “Site Search Terms.” If you were to drill down into “Behavior” and then click into “Site Search”, which you see here, then “Search Terms” If your website is set up with Google’s custom search — which this particular website that we’re looking at is — you will then start to see search terms over here on the left hand side. Basically this is telling you these are all the phrases people search for using your search bar on your website. I assume everybody knows what a search bar is. But, if you’ve been living underneath a rock for the last 30 years, here is what we’re talking about. On this particular website there’s a search bar and you can type in whatever you want. “How to buy a pass,” then you click search. That data would then collect within this particular report. The next step I would recommend is once you’re looking at the data to scroll down and choose, “show 100” or “250 rows.” You can always export out to Excel if you want by going up here and clicking export and into whatever format you want Probably Excel would be best so you can filter and sort the data. But, if you want to just get some blog ideas right from this report by looking at it within a browser, Show as many rows as possible and then start to search for what I call, “trigger words.” Trigger words would be things things like how, why, what, when, who, and where. So, why are trigger words important when you’re trying to skim through this data? Well, I think it’s really important because things like, “how and why,” Those are related to questions that your blog readers may already be asking. Instead of spending a bunch of time trying to come up with that brilliant blog post that gets a ton of traffic, and gets a ton of social shares, and drives a lot of conversion, why not just focus on the existing questions that your website audience is asking?
That’s the power, so if you sort by trigger words and on this particular example I searched for “what”, and you’ll see hear I found, “what to bring.” Not a whole lot of queries here, there’s only eight. I just wanted to use an example that you could take away for today. “What to bring.” What would be some great blog content that you could write to address these search queries of “what to bring”? How about, “What to bring and not bring to our park.” This particular website is in hospitality so that’s why I used the word “park”.
How about, “Top ten things you want to bring before your stay” Or, “The perfect travel
checklist: What to bring.” Lots of different variations to come up with but, the whole point is to get at the data, sort that data by those keywords or trigger words. Then start to put on your creative cap and think about blogs that are going to answer those particular questions.