How To Download Twitter Videos ✅ Downloader For Videos From Twitter On iPhone/Android TUTORIAL
hey guys today I’m gonna show you
how to download videos on Twitter so this is very simple guys all we need is
Twitter plus plus on Twitter plus plus it’s available for iOS or Android but
you can’t just get up on the App Store because it is a Twix table so I’m gonna
show you exactly how to get it if you’re on iOS head over to settings general
background app refresh I’ll make sure it’s on Wi-Fi and mobile data that’s iOS
only guys the rest of the tutorial will work on both devices should I go back
and then open up your web browser type into these rats bar sideload go see see
just like that and press go you will be taken to list of apps it looks just like
this guys so go up to the search bar type in twit
oh I spelt it wrong Twitter plus plus just like that as you can see no ads
don’t know videos gifts and much more so just press third injection and it will
download the Twitter plus plus files onto your phone so won’t take too long
guys I mean side loops rivers are pretty fast
I’m pretty sure they’re in the US so unlike all those other Chinese tweet
caps unpacking starting injection so almost done instead of not final stage so we’re
almost done guys and now I’d be taking to a screen that looks like this so all
you got to do here is bypass code signing by installing two free apps and
running them for 30 seconds very simple guys we’re just going to go through and
do nine so you mine are the C maps but just do the instructions so go three
down and two and then we’re just gonna wait for them to finish downloading this
one’s done so we’re going to open up and just wait 30 seconds and I’m not gonna
wait the full 30 because obviously I’ve already got Twitter plus plus but you’re
gonna definitely want to do that and then just wait for out number two and open this okay and just wait for 30
seconds all right once you’re done this if you don’t correctly you will have a
twitter plus plus icon the home screen whenever you see that icon you can go
ahead and delete the apps that you install because you don’t need them
anymore they were just to get Twitter close close but that’s it guys no I
didn’t come prepared I’m not actually logged into my Twitter so I can’t
actually show you any videos being downloaded but if you know what a
Twitter post post it’s very easy you just click three dots and you can
download videos or whatever you want so thanks for watching guys I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did leave a like comment and subscribe I will see
you later