So now we are going to go and download the
resources that you need to build this awesome website now this videos can be used in all
my how to making website videos so some things might not be specific to the one that you’re
in right now but what I need to do essentially his head on over to my website now I want
to caution you my website is always changing always improving so some things might look
different when you get over here so for instance you see right here in the menu it says the
FYI templates right there now that I’m think I might change to website templates or something
along those lines so that there is a couple ways to get these resource files number one
in the first video for the playlist still be a link that will take you right to the
page to download those resources number two you’ll be of the click on a menu item here
right now is called on few templates but that might change number three you can click on
the search so if you’re looking for the how to make an online course video series you
just type online course and you would probably see it in the first result or the second result
now when you get to the page that has the resource files this is essentially what it’s
gonna look like right here you’re going to see a playlist on the right hearing to see
the video that’s playing this is a real nice way to watch the entire series you can scroll
up and down right here on the right to go through the different videos and when you
scroll up or down on the page look what happens the video just kinda shrinks to the side so
you can scroll down the page and see some of the other bits of information there now
I put all the information on this website billed for you on this dedicated page for
it and you can see right here the steps to build your website the first one is order
your hosting and then right here is download resources and then there’s a button here that
says download resources now like I said earlier I might change this word a little bit now
don’t worry if you come to my site and things look a little different you will be able to
obviously find the resources download a button someplace even if I change the design so go
ahead and click on that button there and you’ll see this pop-up happen where you just need
to enter your name in your email address and then click on this button know what this is
going to do is it’s going to take your information and put it into my customer system and put
you on a particular list of people that have a download of the same template and then it’s
going to send you an email that you can open up and you can click on the button in the
email to actually download the resource files now here’s the deal I want to be able to keep
in touch with you because if I add a video to this series or if something changes that
it’s urgent that you know about or anything along those lines I need to be able to email
you so when you give me your name and email this is so that I can contact you back if
there’s any piece of information that you need to know this is something that’s good
for you I won’t spam you I don’t give anyone any of my email addresses or anything like
that it’s simply for the purposes of being able to reach you when there’s new videos
on this website series and I also might email you three or four times per year when there
something really need going on with my website to let you know about I will email you in
those scenarios as well so you put your name and email and now if you don’t see an email
within a minute or two go ahead and just to be on the safe side check your spam folder
to see if the email might have God filtered in there because there is a link in that sometimes
there’s a link in an email and you’ve never received an email from me before your email
provider might put that in the spam folder should just go ahead and check your spam folder
if you don’t get it in your inbox now when you click on the link in there it’s going
to go ahead and just download the files to your computer and this is whether you look
like right here this is obvious and I’m on a Mac and if you’re on a PC is Caligula different
but you get this zip files can be called resources file and I need you to unzip it
now some web browsers might automatically unzip it and if so you would just go ahead
and have this folder here now if your web browser didn’t do that you’ll need to double-click
on it and any PC or Mac should automatically on zip the file and Juergen and now have a
folder inside this folder when I double-click on it you’ll see a series of folders that
has everything broken out that working the need for this video series that you’re going
through to build an amazing website for yourself and that’s pretty much it to getting these
resource files and what you have them downloaded to your computer you can move on to the next