hey everybody this is buddy a lady asked me in a comment section and I’ll show you what she asked she said this and this is how I have to read things hi buddy thank you for your video many blessings to you what do you put your prayer in writing please so that all of us can see and learn and do the same thing and so I answered her by saying this with a link you can open transcripts for this video look for the three dots on the line below the title of this video hope this helps you also turn on the closed captions for this video the CC now the three dots are right here you click on and then you can go here and say open transcript and once you get your transcripts up they look like this but mine needed to be toggled so when you pull it up on yours first and it look like this with the stamp from where there you know the actual words are talking but you can go here and toggle that off and then you can go here and copy them all the way down to where you want to and then open up a player and you can paste them in when I say a player I’m talking about notepad and then you can paste them in and you can save this as a folder and call it trance transcriptions or whatever but I haven’t edit this yet but you can actually edit it do it here and make that a capital H and you know do punctuation which is something that I’m I’m not good at is punctuation but let me go back up here and show you that when you actually do the toggle back so we can see that stamp then see where it’s starts starts at zero now if I hit play it highlights but I just want to pick this time right now to say that the awakening is well on its way now well on its way is right here and you can see we’re at nine seconds now I wish that uh YouTube would highlight this with a yellow background as it read it read it or you have a way that you can even change the background and the letter because actually yellow on white seems to help me well it’s a combination of yellow and different colors that help me read certain text and fonts but I’m Dyslexic and been that way all my life I always look for an easy way to do things and so what she asked me that question I got to looking and I realized that there was a solution to this problem so I I said well I’ll make a video about it and see how that works alright thanks for watching my videos I really really appreciate it and just keep coming back I’ve got more videos coming up so yeah yeah thank you very much [Music]