Hello, Jay Williams here and in this video
I’92m going to show you how to embed a Youtube video in WordPress site. One of the reasons
you might want to do this is because not everybody wants to read long articles. Some people like
to watch video and some people like to listen to audio so you can appeal to a wider audience
of visitors that come to your website. Now the first thing you need to do is decide what
video you want to embed. Now we’92re going to use this video on public speaking here.
Public speaking tips, 7 ways to improve your public speaking. And the first thing you need
to do is once you’92ve opened up your video you need to go down to where it says share.
Click on share and you’92re going to be given 3 options: share; embed and email. Click on
embed and it’92s going to generate this code. Now you can take this code and you can paste
it straight into your WordPress site or you can actually change the size of your video
so it appears bigger on your WordPress blog post or smaller and also there’92s a couple
of customizations which you can make. To make those changes, you simply click show more.
It’92s going to give you a preview of what it’92s going to look like. Now you can add
these in, you can play about with these so I can show the title and the player actions
in there or I can simply strip them out and just remove them.
Here it shows you the default video size which is 640 by 360. I can actually go ahead and
change that to 560 by 315. Once I’92ve changed that size this code will automatically update.
Once it’92s selected all I need to do is copy the code, command C or ctrl C if you’92re
on a Windows and then head over to my WordPress site.
Now as you can see I’92m in the dashboard here. I’92m going to go ahead and find the
post so I go to posts and all posts and we’92re going to embed the video. And there’92s 7
ways to improve your public speaking skills. Click edit and you’92re going to be given
2 options here. You have visual and you have text. Visual will show you a live preview
of what it will look like on your website and text will allow you to actually add various
elements of code such as the embed code which we’92ve just copied from Youtube. We’92re
then going to scroll down and find out where we want to paste our code. We’92re going
to paste it just below here. We’92re going to press command V or ctrl V on Windows. Click
update. Now I’92ll I’92m going to do is click refresh.
Once that’92s updated you can now see that that has been embedded on my WordPress site.
Now if you want to make this slightly bigger so that it fills the page you can actually
go back into the code and you can make those adjustments. If you’92re not sure on the
size of the video you can always go back to here and have a look at the recommendations.
So we’92ll go for 640 by 360. All I do is change that just by typing it in. Click update.
And then go ahead and refresh the page. And as you can see that’92s filled the whole
page now and that is how you embed a Youtube video on your WordPress site.
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