So in this video we will see how to embed
a YouTube video on a webpage so let’s get started suppose this is a sample post in which
we want to embed a YouTube video so what you need to do is just head on to YouTube and
select a video you want to embed suppose we want to embed this video so open it and what
you need to do is just click on this share button and select this first option which
is embed so what you need to do is just now copy this code
and go to your web page choose to HTML view and paste this code here so let’s just save
it and preview it so as you can see the video is successfully embedded on a webpage so basically
you can change various parameters within this to change the frame size so basically you
can see that width is set to 560 height is 315 you can change this accordingly to to
set this webpage and you can select also select a start point where you want to start your
video at which time so these are the options and again there is one option which is that
show player controls so we will choose it to be on these are the options which is used
to select and just copy this code onto your page and the video will appear here so basically
this is in our today’s video thank you for watching please like share and subscribe.