This is Ileane Smith and coming up we’re going to find out who’s sharing your content on Twitter and more music music hey guys first I want to go over with you
when you’re on the Twitter website how do you find out who has mentioned you, retweeted you or a gave you a shout out on twitter and it’s really simple now that they
have been new twitter interface you just go to the @ connect button in here you’re going to find all the people
that have ReTweeted you or mentioned you in Tweets. Now personally I use HootSuite and I follow my @ mentions in a
column and I have more than one Twitter account. So if I want to follow my at mentions
from another account, which is my @BasicBlogTips account, I have a column for that as well. If you are using HootSuite and you wanna
follow your @ mentions just go to this button here that’s called
“Add Stream” scroll down and look for “Mentions” pick the profile that you want to find
mentions of and click “Add Stream” and you’ll see there’s a column now that shows you all of the mentions for that Twitter account, ok Now I just showed you a couple of
quick ways to find out who’s Retweeted you or mentioned you on Twitter The reason I brought this topic up is
because I was on a couple of friends blogs this weekend and they don’t have their Twitter button to set up properly And here’s what I mean: I’m going to Retweet this post on my
friends blog and if you notice, the Twitter box fills in his Twitter account doesn’t show up okay He’s not the only one, I saw one one on another blog, now this is one of the
plug-ins that I like to use and I use on Basic Blog Tips its called
the Share bar plugin and you can and different social networks and one of the
other things you can add is the Buffer button you guys all know I’m a huge fan of using Buffer and this is what happens on this friend’s blog. Once again his @ mention does not appear and it’s of a very simple fix Hang on and on show you how to fix it Now I’m gonna show you how to fix this
on the share bar plugin on your WordPress blog but EVERY Twitter sharing plugin has this feature you just have to know where to find it
on your particular plugin so in this case I go to the share bar settings and Ii got here from settings and then I clicked on share bar. And now I’m on the share bar settings page and there’s quite a few settings that we
have to customize with the share bar toolbar But I’m gonna show you the most important
one see this right here twitter using me continue to do is filling they returns on the st uric twitter name will fill n it’s an and mention in enrichment okay now let’s move on the line this is a tip that i got and mister gregory over at the small business bonfire about she didnt post called for tools are used everyday to manage my
when my reputation now i do about google alerts and whose sweet which we are really
looked at today but here’s our number one that i think
is fabulous and it’s called nutshell mail nutshell mail is brought to us by the
people at constant contact and i think this is really cool because it’s a free
service you go when you connected twitter
account where you can connect this book if you want and there’s a couple of other camps you
can connect like for example you too so once you sign up for these alerts you’re going to get who’s following you who unfold you replies and at mentioned yuval even get from your twitter next the last twenty three cx you can change these limits if you want
the feeling i get ten tweaks or if you don’t want some of the you’re
treated us to show up on the three point empl it is wonderful this is a quick way too get this right into your email so something major immediate attention
you could just go over it from your email now i just wanna scroll down and show
you d you too investment and uh… you too as showing the comments that have come in won various youtube videos that state as the first time i ever saw his type of service offered bright and my email usually doesn’t call for that so here’s my passport for nutshell mail and you’ll see one my twitter account i
can customize this and uh… these are the maximum items
per email now like for example i don’t want to
write messages so i don’t even have a checked off hit at mentions and clients if i wanted to search for terms i can and or six times here here’s where i can configure which twitter list and the amount uh… tweets hurt email and if you don’t want to look at this
everyday that’s no problem because you just go in
here set everything up and then cid yourself an update and it
is to write them in there and here’s the other townships and
connect you face book linked and he helped citysearch enforce square so i think that nutshell mail is something that you should definitely
check out this way you will really be able to keep
track of is retrieving your content and who was mentioning you twitter that’s it for now thanks so much for
joining me today hey if you like this video subscribe to the channel give the video comes up most of all give me a comment takecare i’ll talk to you soon once
again it’s eileen my blood is basic doctors dot com pace