– Hello, my friend. I am Susie Moore, and today, we’re talking about
something super important, which is how to break a bad habit, and we all have at least one. Let’s be honest now. Before we do anything, please hit subscribe if
you like these videos, and remember to give that like
button a little bit of love. Now, having a bad habit is
just part of life, really. Some of us overspend. Some of us smoke. Some of us bite our nails. Some of us eat too much, drink too much. We know what the culprits
are in our lives, and hey, it makes us human. So simply the best thing
that you can do to break your bad habit is to
replace it with a new habit, and I’m gonna be talking
you through this today with a four-step solution. Step number one, this is very important, you have to make sure that the decision to break the bad habit is yours. It can’t come from your
mother, your spouse, your best friend, even your boss. If something is self-directed,
it is far more likely to last because you want it for yourself. It’s not somebody else
wanting something for you. So before you make a
decision to quit something, make sure the decision is 100% up to you. Point number two, you absolutely want to
be distracting yourself. This is where the replacement
technique comes in. I had a friend, Heather,
who used to smoke heavily, and she needed to do
something else in that time because, frankly, smoking is quite an interesting activity, right? You do something with your hands. You have a moment for yourself outside. There’s something to do. She replaced that with making a green tea every time she wanted to have a cigarette. It involved her taking
a moment for herself, doing something with their
hands, and even going outside for a couple of minutes if
that’s what she wanted to do. How can you replace your habit? Think of something super
simple, easy, even free. Point number three, you wanna
get around the right people. If you want to, for example,
stop drinking so much, you might want to spend time with friends who naturally don’t drink, who prefer outdoor activities, who enjoy going to movies,
enjoy going to coffee shops. Your environment simply matters, and we want to be
intentional about the people that we’re around so that
success naturally just becomes far more easy. Point number four, you
want to reward yourself. As human beings, we are wired for rewards, and the trick is to reward
yourself with something that has nothing to do with a habit that you’ve just given up. For example, if you’ve given up sugar, your reward wouldn’t be
going for a milkshake or a piece of cake. It would be maybe treating yourself to some new cool sneakers,
a new pair of jeans, or even a haircut. Just remember that you have
complete agency over your life. No one control your actions but you. It’s entirely up to you how
you decide to spend your time, your money, the actions that
you take on a day-to-day basis. No one can decide this for you, and you have all the control in the world once you remember how powerful you are, and if you fall off the wagon, it happens. The key is not to beat yourself up and to stay in a state of self-hatred. Self-hatred never got
anyone anywhere good. Remember that you can
always just start again with a new day. So let me know if you like this video. Please leave me a comment,
and I’ll see you in the chat.