At YouTube, we offer a few options
to amplify your video and music experience. YouTube Music Premium
is a paid music membership specifically for the YouTube Music app. YouTube Premium includes
all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium plus benefits on YouTube
and other YouTube apps. Let’s start with YouTube Music Premium. As a member, you can listen to
millions of songs and videos without ads download songs and videos
to your phone to listen offline listen to music
even if you’re using other apps or listen to music
on your Google Home or Chromecast Audio. To subscribe to YouTube Music Premium,
visit You may be eligible to start a free trial so check it out. Now let’s talk about
YouTube Premium membership. In addition to
all the benefits of YouTube Music you’ll gain benefits across
YouTube and other YouTube apps. You can watch millions of videos without ads download videos and playlists
to your phone, to watch offline continue playing videos
on your phone or tablet while using other apps
or when your screen is off and access
all YouTube Original series and movies. To sign up for YouTube Premium,
visit You’ll either see an offer to try it for free or, if you’re already a Music Premium member,
see an option to upgrade your membership. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tips and tricks.