Hi Everyone, it’s Daniel here and in this
video I’m going to talk you through how to create and install an opt-in form or a sign-up
form into your wordpress blog or squeeze page, which is an essential part of your traffic
strategy because it allows you to communicate with your audience and your customers via
email. So the first thing you’re going to need is
an auto-responder, this is a must have tool for any online business owner, and the provider
we use is called AWeber, which is an extremely reliable service and the best thing about
AWeber is that you can simply give it a try for just $1. I’ll leave the link below this
video so you can go and check them out. So what does an auto-responder do? Well, basically
what auto-responders allow you to do, firstly capture your customer or potential customers
email address, by using an opt-in forms which is what I’m going to show you in a second,
but more importantly auto-responders can manage a huge database of email addresses, and I’m
talking thousands and thousands, you can schedule emails to be sent out to a huge group of your
customer base simultaneously, and of course you can also automatically respond to an email
opt in. So it would be impossible for us, as a business, to operate without the use
of an auto-responder. So here I am on AWeber, and I’ve already created
what is know as a ‘list’ now you can do this quite easily up here. So once you’ve created
your list, you then need to select this tab here ‘ sign up forms ‘ you can then select
from a wide range of templates to use. So I’ve select this one, you can then customise
the text within each section here, and you can also delete a section if you wish. So once you’re happy with your form, just
click save it, and go to step 2, give your form a name, and then go to step 3, so then
we click ‘I will install my form’ and make sure the javascript snippet is selected and
copy this piece of script. You then want to head over to your wordpress
site, and edit which ever page you want to place your opt-in form in. Make sure you select
the ‘text’ field and then simply paste in that piece of scipt in here. Click update
and then preview changes! And there you have it, so now your visitors can subscribe to
your mailing list, which is a definite must, like I said previously for any online business. If you want the opt-in form to be placed within
the side bar here, which is where you will see most opt-in forms on people’s blogs then
simply go to appearance, widgets, and drag and drop the text widget over into the side
bar here. Then paste the opt-in form script in here, click save and go back to your page
and click refresh. So try out AWeber today, and don’t forget
I’ve left the link below for you to have a look at.