Hello and welcome to OptonMonster. In this
brief tutorial you’ll learn how to integrate OptinMonster with your Weebly site. First, from the OptinMonster dashboard area,
go to the API section and add Weebly.com site to your site management like this. Don’t add the subdomain just the main one
like you see here. Next create your optin using the create your
optin video as a guide. When you’re finished with your optin, click on the embed icon and
choose the install anywhere option. Click get code to copy the code. Next log
in to your weebly site and go to the design area and click edit HTML/CSS now find the
pages where you want to add the optin and add the code to your footer tags like this. Save your changes, now you can test your optin
on your site. Remember to do this for each template page
that you want the optin to show. If you have any questions please look through
our helpful documentation. For further assistance you can submit a support ticket and we would
be more than happy to help.