Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and I’m gonna show you how to make chicken piccata take a look at a delicious dish
that’s a really good use for chicken breasts which is not personally my
favorite part of the chicken it’s just not as flavorful as the thought but it
works here also I get why people love chicken breasts they’re a blank canvas
easy to work with packed protein and super convenient
chicken piccata is usually chicken breast but sometimes cooks use veal
that’s flattened in many cases they then also flour it and lightly brown it then
serve with a delicious lemony socks also everyone believes that this comes
directly from Italy but those people might be wrong chicken piccata didn’t
make its grand entrance into the world of cookbooks anywhere in Italy until
after it started showing up in American cookbooks authored by Italian Americans
that’s the thing about this country people come from everywhere use what’s
available here they can find that with their wonderful culture and make
something refreshingly new and a hundred percent American we’re gonna need
chicken breasts lemon salt pepper olive oil black olives flour dry white wine
alright thanks you and I make it happen I’m starting here by slicing a lemon
then this lemon is going to be garnished for later the next thing I’m going to do is chop
up some parsley now you can use Italian proxy for this but this is just regular
partially next I’m just going to juice the other half of that lemon just like
so now I’m taking our chicken breasts and slicing them and then I’m going to
cut them in half so I’m going to basically turn these two pieces of
chicken into four I’m covering this whole thing with some cling wrap plastic
wrap and then I’m going to take this meat mallet and smackle so we’re just
gonna flatten them out this dish usually is served flattened chicken and
sometimes built now I’m just season them with salt and pepper both sides and
pretty lightly now I’m gonna coat them and flour both sides and I’m gonna shake
off the excess we don’t want a big old thick coat of flour but we want to well
coat it here’s a beautiful chicken ready to be
sauteed I’m slicing up some black olives to go in our chicken piccata and now I’m
adding olive oil and this is pretty good quality to this pan and the pan is over
medium heat now once the pan gets hot we’re gonna add our chicken then you
should put chicken in or whatever you’re frying away from you but as you see guys
I don’t always do that and you also don’t want to overcrowd the pan these
are not gonna do that this is a pretty big pan this is actually my favorite pan
I’ve had it for so long so we’re gonna fry both sides until they’re lightly
Brown we’re gonna move these to a clean plate and get the rest of our olive oil
into the pan now that stuff on the bottom the pan is cost fine and it’s
very important to the flavor of this dish I just put in some roasted garlic got those olives in there now we’re
going to scrape the bottom of the fine that motion would get me all those good
bits off the bottom and we add a little water and this thing we’re going to do
is put in some butter this butter is going to give this chicken piccata sauce
a nice velvety consistency so we’re gonna whisk this chicken piccata sauce
until it’s nice and smooth I’ll put the chicken back in I’m gonna
hit this chicken through and it won’t take very long for this chicken the heat
back up and we’re going to spoon some of the mixture over the chicken and we’re
just gonna let this cook a little bit now doesn’t that look yummy pill here
let me move this to a plate so we can finish our sauce now the lemon juice
comes in and it gives a little brightness and those olives give it a
little brightness now it’s traditionally made with capers and you can certainly
go okay pancake gave it a little test heat a little more salt and a final list
job look at this guy’s let’s sauce it up okay guys moment of truth
I’m gonna give it a taste yes what’s up this is this is pretty good no I really
like the black olives in there capers are great and I like capers I really like the black olives in this
capers are great in their traditional but sometimes I like to switch it up and
I really like black olives alright I’m out peace