Do you want to learn how to make money
blogging even as a complete beginner and see how I a father of two boys both
under the age of five craziness sometimes trust me
and a husband took a brand new blog from about zero to two hundred dollars per
month within a few months granted even being a little bit lazy I don’t
recommend that if so stick around I’m gonna show you step-by-step exactly the
steps that I took and how you can do it too and probably blow it up a whole lot
more than I did by taking massive action alright stick around I’m getting into it right
now hey I’m Brandon Scott today we’re gonna go over how to make money blogging
whether you’re a beginner intermediate I’m gonna show you how I took a fairly
brand new blog at a time from zero to its first thousand dollars and how my
strategy worked for me so there’s a couple things in this video that we’re
gonna be going over the first thing is the blogging trap and how to avoid it
I’m in a ton of Facebook groups people were frustrated by this I’m gonna show
you exactly what to avoid number two I’m gonna go over the main ways to make
money blogging there’s three main ways that people usually start with and what
my absolute hands-down favorite is out of the three next we’re gonna be talking
about the blog posts that actually make money and how you need to incorporate
these into your blog right away and last probably the most important out of this
whole video is what not to do what I should have done different there’s one
thing I absolutely regret and how you can learn from it alright real quick
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I want to hear from you I appreciate you taking the time to watch this and let’s
go so what is the blogging trap a lot of these top bloggers out there who are
very well respected to have really good information are selling you on how to go
from 0 to 30 km month or how they went from 0 to 50k a month within their first
year ok what does do is is setting up
unrealistic expectations because they’re on chapter 30 they may have started
their blogging career on chapter 10 with previous experience doing other things
you might be on chapter 1 if you’re anything like I was you just want to
make your first hundred bucks 200 bucks a couple hundred bucks a month you want
to show your family and your husband or whoever that this making money blogging
thing is actually real but when you’re fed all these dreams of hitting 100k
your first year which it could be possible and then you don’t do it you
think you’re doing something wrong and I see it all the time in these blogging
groups so many bloggers are frustrated because they’ve been blogging for six
months and maybe they haven’t made anything or maybe their traffic numbers
are not even that high and what happens is they’re unrealistic expectations led
to frustration which frustration is ultimately leading that to them giving
up a lot of them are ready to just give up because they think they’re doing
something wrong but know the amount of work you put into it is in direct
proportion to what you’re gonna get out of it but it’s not only that it’s doing
the right work okay so I’m gonna show you in this video what worked for me and
you’re just getting started I want to show you how to take a new blog and how
to just get started so don’t get stuck into the trap of thinking unrealistic
expectations okay have dreams yes have dreams
totally but go into it being realistic that if you’re on chapter one it’s gonna
take time you’re gonna have to go to chapter five to chapter ten but with
enough time and more and more strategies my strategy is definitely not the only
one you’re you you can get there it’s possible but just understand don’t get
stuck in the trap all right let’s get into the top three ways that people make
money blogging these are not the only ways but these are the most popular and
the first one is through ads okay I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of
Adsense or media vine but what happens is there as they sit on your website
with Adsense every time someone clicks you’re getting paid media vine it might
be a how much traffic you’re getting and impressions and mIET of media vines
gonna pay you out every month now the reason I don’t care for ads especially
as a new blogger is that they pay really small amounts so when you get started
you’re gonna probably get started with Adsense which is litter is gonna pay you
pennies per click media vine you need pretty high traffic numbers and you can
make a decent amount with them but Adsense for beginners is definitely not
the way to go it’s gonna pay you pennies it just provides a really bad user
experience for your for your readers because there’s ads all over the page
and it just it just doesn’t look good so I would stay away from from any type of
ads in the very beginning the second way that people make money blogging is
through sponsored posts so someone might come to your come to your blog and want
to pay you to either be a guest blogger or maybe they want you to review a
product over theirs or a number of things can happen now these are good
ways to make money the problem is that when you’re a new blogger and you don’t
have much traffic you’re not going to get those sponsors those sponsored posts
is it impossible no but most of the time you’re not going to get those sponsored
posts the third way to make money blogging and my absolute favorite is
affiliate marketing and if some of you’re out there and don’t know what
affiliate marketing is think of it like a sales job a company is gonna pay me
when I sale one of their products so I might have a blog post that’s talking
about XYZ product or I happen to recommend it in a blog post and people
click through my link and end up purchasing the product I get a
commission they based on that product whatever the company is paying out so
affiliate marketing is awesome for beginners because you don’t need crazy
high traffic numbers and if you do it the right way you can actually make a
decent amount of money with very little traffic okay and one of the best
affiliate programs one that I’m going to show you how to start with
with the Amazon affiliate program and if you’ve never heard of the Amazon
affiliate program or Amazon Associates pretty much what they’re doing is you
can recommend Amazon products and people will click through to Amazon and for 24
hours whatever someone buys within one checkout will give you a commission so
they may click through that you recommended a sewing machine and end up
buying a camera and you’ll get commission on that so the Amazon
affiliate program is amazing for beginners and when you use the strategy
that I’m going to talk about next with the Amazon affiliate program your
commissions and your actual amount of people that are purchasing is gonna be a
lot higher so let’s get into that the blog posts that actually make money are
not the ones that you just talked about you know your trip to Disneyland and
happen to recommend your favorite pair of shoes that you are you see people are
not in a buying state of mind with certain posts and when you can target
those posts that people are in that buying state of mind then you’re gonna
have conversions that are a lot higher a lot more people are clicking through
your links and you’re gonna be getting more sales all right Brandon I get it so
what are these blog posts okay I’m gonna explain them break them down
right now and we’re gonna actually jump onto my computer and I’m gonna show you
how to find these keywords so you can start targeting blog posts for your
specific niche the two main type of blog posts that I’ve used there’s a lot of
different ones that you can use our buying guides and vs. posts literally I
have a blog that makes ninety five percent of its money from one buying
guide just one and I only have four buying guides on the site but ninety
five percent of it comes through one post and what’s a buying guide so let’s
say sewing machines is your niche you would talk about the best sewing
machines for under 200 dollars or the best sewing machines in 2019 whatever it
is versus posts might be two different
brands that you’re comparing and then in there you’re talking about specific
types of sewing machines for each one of those brands these are getting people in
that are in a buying state of mind right they’re almost ready to purchase they’re
doing their research but they’re at the end of that buying stage it’s totally
different from when you post about your trip to Disneyland and you just happen
to mention some shoes that you’re wearing you might get some clicks but
you’re gonna get way less clicks and way less purchases as a result of that but
when you can target someone who’s specifically looking for products and
services or whatever other type of affiliate programs you’re in your
conversions are gonna go way up all right let’s jump onto my computer and
I’m going to show you step by step how I find these low competition keywords so
here we are on Google and just for example let’s type in best sewing
machine this is gonna be very competitive I would not recommend going
that bra or that broad because you’ll see you’ve got websites like Business
Insider New York maggot the top you’re not gonna rank for best sewing machine
so what I like to do is I like to go up to Google here and I’ll type in four and
when you type in four you’ll start to see these longer tail keywords like for
beginners for quilting for kids for leather and the deeper you can go the
easier it’s gonna be that you have a higher chance of ranking so the other
thing you can do is just start typing the beginning of letters on your
keyboard so for wigs for webbing for quilting so we’ll do e embroidery
everything every day use experience let’s try a okay so look at this one
best sewing machine for advanced sewers and this is something I would write a
post on okay my post would be best sewing machine for advanced sewers and
if you have a blog and the niche is sewing then what you do is you just
simply create a a post about best selling machine for
advanced sewers talk about your experience maybe with a specific sewing
machine or multiple sewing machines and get on to the Amazon Associates Program
and recommend those sewing machines people are going to be in a state of
mind over time you’re going to rank this is probably an easier competition
keyword than just the best sewing machine but as you can see using Google
autosuggest we’ve got a ton of different options here you can even add 2019 at
the end for it to be a little bit more specific and people are just looking for
this stuff now two things that I recommend that you get are you’ll see at
the end of these search terms you can I can see the search traffic okay so I can
see best sewing machine for advanced source gets about two hundred and ten
searches a month ideally when you’re looking for posts I would recommend
under two hundred and fifty searches a month if it’s a brand brand new blog try
to go for you know under 150 that’s not a hard and fast rule it’s just something
I typically typically look at if you want to see the search volume the first
thing that you’re going to need to do is go and get keywords everywhere okay this
key words everywhere extension you can get for Chrome or Firefox it’s
absolutely free and it’s gonna give you these search terms at the very end here
that I was showing you okay you’re gonna be able to see search volumes and it’s
gonna even give you over here like related keywords that you can look up
other stuff people search for so that’s the first keyword tool that I would
definitely recommend you use is keywords everywhere the second one you can use
which is totally free is Neal Patel’s ubersuggest and it’s a similar type of
keyword tool and you can just type invest sewing-machine here
sorry about that and as it searches what it’s gonna do is it’s going to give you
a bunch of different types of keywords we’ll go to keyword ideas over here and
you can see it’s giving you a ton of different types of keywords here best
sewing machine best sewing machine for beginners so well it’s pulling a lot
from what keywords everywhere and what Google Auto suggest is showing you but
you they go a lot deeper like best sewing machine jeans okay it must be for
jeans 140 searches a month best sewing machine repair near me that wouldn’t
apply best sewing machine needle for quilting it gets 30 searches a munch
which is you know not a ton but it’s very specific so maybe you know about
the best needle for quilting and you can write a post on that now the other type
of posts that I was talking about her versus posts so let’s just see I don’t
really know sewing machines here but we do singer I know that’s one verse okay
so we got singer verse brother seeing a verse Brother sewing machine reviews so
that’s something I would probably sewing machine reviews so you can see here
singer verse Brother sewing machine reviews maybe you’ve had a singer sewing
machine and now a brother you have a brother sewing machine and you can talk
about the two and then link the products I hope you’re starting to see the
advantages to have getting into keywords that people are already in a buying
mindset because it’s gonna make people clicking through and buying a whole lot
a whole lot easier let’s just kind of change the niche here for someone else
who’s maybe you know in the parenting niche let’s look at best baby toy now
obviously best baby toy we are not gonna try to rank for because it is very
competitive but we could do best baby toy for okay six month old which could
be a little you know that’s a lot more decent
of a keyword but let’s get more specific maybe we can talk about four okay four
girl so you’re specifically talking about the
best baby toy for six months month old girl that is very specific and while you
have some higher-end sites here you don’t really see any talking about
specifically for girls so that’s what I would do is I would target a post on the
best baby toys for six-month-old girls now if we want to do a verse post in the
same thing we could do C high chair high chair verse okay
high chair verses Bumbo see let’s try reversing it bumbo see verse high chair
it’s ten searches a month but maybe if we take off the seat here there bumble
verse highchair I’m not sure what a bum bow is I’m assuming it’s a some type of
seat but it gets 50 searches a month so people are looking at whatever
bumbo is verse is a high chair so get into this frame of mind start doing
keyword research start using keywords everywhere start using neat Neil Patel
Zotto ubersuggest and use what Google is giving you google showing you that these
stuff people are searching for every single month so take advantage of it
okay I know you’re probably wondering Brandon how do I create the content and
it’s actually pretty easy obviously we’re gonna be using a blog post this is
about how to make money blogging so the first thing is a blog post and really
what you want to do is just use personal experience right so use your personal
experience with the product maybe you have the product and you can talk in
detail about it and put pictures up on the blog post or multiple products and
really get deep into the product the next thing I would recommend is use
Amazon reviews don’t use them on your on your blog what I’m saying is read the
reviews see people see the things people are talking about
positive and negative do you have those same experiences or maybe it brings to
light something that you want to talk or that you want to mention in your in your
blog post be very transparent with people not all products are a hundred
percent amazing be transfer transparent give them the pros and the cons so
definitely use Amazon reviews to your advantage to educate yourself a little
bit more about the product the next thing I would recommend is YouTube and I
know everybody’s probably out there right now getting super nervous because
you don’t want to get on camera and you don’t necessarily have to
I created a YouTube video when I did my buying guide and in one year that video
got thirty thousand views and all I did was go through my blog post and talk
about the products that’s it now I don’t really recommend that a hundred percent
now if you if you’re totally don’t want to get on video don’t want to show your
face then go ahead and do that what ends up happening is people don’t feel as
engaged it’s still got a ton of sales from the video but it actually got quite
a few thumbs down on the video and people asking me you know why I was just
reading instead of you know showing and showing pretty much showing my face and
making them feel connected so I would definitely recommend that if you do a
YouTube video get out of your comfort zone and just do it okay show the
product because one you’re gonna connect with people you’re probably going to get
more clicks and conversions than even I got and that in that video still gets
sales to this day but it’s been buried a little bit because of you know the
negative user engagement so take my advice put up a youtube video and those
are the two ways that you’re really gonna create the content now a lot of
people are gonna be asking well how do i title my post and it’s pretty easy let’s
say the sewing-machine one for example all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
title your post best sowing for advanced summers exactly the
keywords we were trying to find now it goes a little bit deeper than this but
for the you know for the sake of this video that is gonna put you off at a
good spot just title the post the keyword that you are trying to target
okay so now that we’ve got the content created we obviously need to promote it
right because SEO takes a while so even though you’ve put the post up you’ve got
everything going it’s gonna take a while to rank and we will kind of want to
supercharge those results and get them tap and quicker you want people who are
coming to the page faster and ultimately getting sales so what we’re gonna need
to do is what I like to call the promotion storm and it’s a list of six
steps that I take for any new blog post to get it out there quicker get it out
to the world because again we can’t sit and wait so the first step in this
promotion storm is what I like to call the social fortress each one of you
should have already built around your blog a social fortress and what this is
is your Facebook account maybe your Twitter account Instagram any other type
of social platforms that you’re on that you can put out and share this content
okay so Facebook Twitter Instagram it’s actually pretty easy that’s the first
step to the promotion storm is to utilize your own social channels to get
the buying guide whatever you’ve created out there not only is this gonna look
natural to Google that you’re putting this out on to your your channels but
it’s going to start attracting eyeballs okay although you know it might not be a
lot it depends how many Twitter followers you have how many followers on
Facebook Instagram but either way get it out there it’s a good initial boost the
second part of the promotion storm is going to be YouTube again YouTube is a
super important part of your promotion strategy so really like I said before
let’s get out of our comfort zone and make a youtube video so what we’ll do is
we’ll head over to YouTube and I’ve got best sewing machine for beginners here
we’ll go ahead and search and we just want to look at search volumes so you
can see 103 thousand searches three years ago which is a little bit older
craft selection seventeen thousand searches two months ago made two so 1.9
million three years ago two years ago fourteen thousand a year ago so it’s got
decent search volume we could even look at some different terms and you can see
again key words everywhere will show you search terms obviously from Google but
you can kind of see how popular some of this stuff is best sewing machine for
advanced sewers you know we’ve got sixty two hundred a year ago one hundred and
sixty two thousand eleven months ago so you have a really good search volume for
this term so I would definitely again I can’t stress this enough get out of your
comfort zone you get a YouTube video up because it’s critical in the second part
of the promotion storm number three in our promotion storm is going to be Cora
Cora if you don’t know is pretty much a question and answer site so you’re gonna
go on set up an account and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna just search so
I’ve got selling machines up here we’re simply gonna just search for sewing
machines and you’ll start to see all these different questions that people
have asked about with sewing machines who invented the sewing machine what is
the best sewing machine to buy what I typically like to do is I’ll go down
here to the filter and I’ll just start looking for maybe the past week and the
past month okay how do I make a sewing machine quieter and what I really
recommend that you do is try to answer two to three of these a day in that
you’re gonna link your best sewing machine buying guide now try not to be
too promotional what I would recommend that you do if you’re doing three posts
two answering three questions a day maybe answer to that don’t have your
link and then one that does okay and just do it you know three times a day
for maybe a week or two and you’re slowly going to start getting
your guide out there on to these other spaces I really recommend is that you
put a you put thought into your answer what you’re gonna want to do is you’re
gonna want to have a top answer eventually and you can see this girl is
actually doing exactly what I’m talking about she’s got a thing for sewing
guides that are probably going back to her site the more that your answer gets
uploaded and light it’s gonna move to the top and when it moves to the top
future people that are searching for this same type of thing are going to see
your answer click through and you’re going to get sales so I think Cora is
very underutilized especially in the beginning
get on there start answering questions every day really help people out
so Cora that’s our third part of the promotion storm one more quick power tip
for Cora you can see here that I’ve looked at baby toys and somebody asking
what are some good toys for my 17th 17 month old baby to learn those skills you
can actually put videos in your core answer so with that YouTube video that
you created not only do you have to link to your blog post but you can link to an
actual YouTube video and it will embed on your answer so that’s another benefit
of doing a YouTube video the fourth way that we’re going to
promote is going to be forms and I know a lot of people are gonna be saying oh
that’s so old school forms don’t work they still work there are a lot more
time investment because you need to post you need to you know build some
credibility before you can start posting links but if your niche let’s say is
parenting and you have a guide on baby toys for six-month-old girls like we
were talking before you have all these forms on parenting that you should be a
part of now you don’t have to be on every single one but pick one or two
invest some time answering questions helping people and eventually you’ll be
able to put links to your blog to your youtube to your specific guides and
that’s all going to build sales now you can see I did a quick search on
parenting forms here and there’s a ton of them I mean you’ve got mothering com
you’ve got the ball another underutilized place to get
traffic is reddit okay there’s a lot of subreddits like parenting and I’m sure
there’s a whole lot more where people were asking questions and you can reply
so look at that but get on reddit as well it’s another great type of
community forum that could drive traffic so forms I know they seem a little bit
old but definitely get on them our fifth tactic is going to be blog comments
again one that people are gonna say are old and outdated but here’s the power
what do i what I did is I went over and I went to mom blog best mom blogs and
what I’m doing is I’m looking for a list of the best mom blogs because most of
them are probably gonna be pretty popular so you can see I’ve got rockin
mama hair so we’ll click over and we’ll just start looking full on her blog and
I can see that she’s got stuff on motherhood so we can look around on here
and okay here’s one car seat investigation which brands contain
dangerous fire retardants so maybe you had a guide on car seats and what you
would do is you’re just gonna go down and be really helpful in the comments
okay and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be specifically what your guide
is about because you can always link to your home page but it’s really powerful
when they’re talking is about something on the blog post and you have a guide
about maybe the your favorite car seat doesn’t necessarily have to be that but
you can see the comments down here and really put a helpful comment out there
you know really insightful helping people and then all you’re gonna do is
link to your website so your name and then your website right there
specifically if it’s talking about what maybe you have a guide on you can link
directly to the guide that’s going to get people to one see that you have a
helpful comment maybe they like your information they’re gonna click over to
your blog and eventually lead to clicks through an affiliate link and maybe even
a conversion so blog comments yes they may seem a little bit
dated but that’s the power is that not a lot of people are doing them anymore so
if you can get in there and really help someone and not be spammy about it then
you’ll start to see that you will drive a little bit of traffic that way our
final and six tactic for the promotion storm is going to be Pinterest and this
is something I did not use and I really regret because I think Pinterest alone
can generate sales quickly as soon as you learn exactly what to do we’ll go
over to Pinterest real quick you can see on Pinterest that there’s tons of pins
about all these TIFF different types of baby toys learning Pinterest and how to
create compelling pins which I don’t have time to get into in this video is
gonna be critical because what it can do is provide you tons of traffic really
fast I think Pinterest alone can generate way
more traffic than all the other ones combined so if you’re just starting out
besides understanding SEO and getting your content up and decently optimized
Pinterest is huge okay it’s something I didn’t utilize and I just recently
started learning and I really recommend Pinterest definitely do some of the
other ones but Pinterest needs to be a critical one that you should be on from
the get-go so there it is the promotion storm the six different tactics that I
think you should use really it should be Pinterest and YouTube those two alone
can drive you more than enough traffic to take you from nothing to making money
blogging really fast I know it seems like a lot especially if you haven’t
even started a blog but like I said mix and match grow it slowly and over time
you’ll start to see more and more traffic and visitors and in turn what
will happen is that your SEO you’ll start ranking for those terms like best
sewing-machine for advanced sewers or best baby toys for six-month-old girls
that stuff will start having organically and then
more and more traffic will be coming because people are searching for that
stuff on Google as well so use the promotion storm to your advantage and
take action on it every single day alright the last thing I want to talk
about is what not to do this is something I really regret and I’m being
really transparent with you guys here and it’s the fact of being lazy okay you
can see that even though I only put in about 40 hours of work into this blog it
still was able to make $200 per month in its six month and this traffic is purely
organic SEO so you can see it goes up and down but it’s average anywhere from
about 100 to 200 bucks a month the thing is is that it’s not growing and here’s
the problem I wasn’t passionate about what my blog was about and I know a lot
of people are gonna say well you don’t necessarily need to be passionate you
just need to be in one of the niches that make money and yes well that’s true
you should be in a niche that has been proven that it can breed an income and
you don’t want to be off and something totally obscure you need to at least
have some type of passion so don’t be lazy and have a passion because imagine
if I would at 10x the amount of hours that I put into this 10x the work I’d
see that this blog would have probably 10x its income if not more because it’s
a snowball effect it’ll keep growing and keep growing the more work that you put
in I just want to leave you with do not be lazy making money blogging is totally
possible you can see it with this but it takes a lot of work and the more work
you put into it the more results you’re gonna get right so that’s it for today
I hope you guys got a lot of value out of this I really wanted to provide a
step-by-step guide here who could take to the bank and really start
implementing right away so if you like this video make sure to subscribe give
it a thumbs up and comment below with a number one if you already have a blog
and the number two if you haven’t quite started a blog yet so I hope this make
money blogging tutorial was helpful and I’ll see you guys in the next one it’s a wrap