what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I want to bring you a brand new coupon website that I haven’t
disclosed on this channel before and it is the one that used to go by the name
of rank booster now it is viral ik so today we’re gonna source through viral X
I’m gonna show you some examples of good coupon products that you can find on
viral X so shoot stuff that’s super super cheap that obviously you’re
getting at you know like pennies on the dollar retail wise and I’m gonna show
you all that here in a second and then I’m also going to show you what I resold
some of those products for like like products I specifically got on viral X
so you can potentially replicate that process we’re gonna talk about where you
can resell them how and potentially for how much and then I’ll take you through
the process of actually reviewing them and submitting those reviews on viral X
which is like for them specifically it’s like blog posts and then a review I’ll
show you how to actually do that so that you can do that too so you don’t
actually have to review on viral X on Amazon although you can if you want to
but I’m gonna show you exactly what I mean by this and what you need to do to
source coupon products from viral X so that you can make money doing so it’s
very very simple so let’s give you some examples of some products initially that
you might want to source so we’re gonna sort through lowest first and search and
see what pops up so you can see here I’m already requesting some stuff I can make
money on this but I’m not going to right now cuz I got some other requests out
there right here 8 cents for 99 percent off of this one 14 cents for 99 percent
off of this one and 46 cents for 98 percent off of this one this one retails
if I just pull these up really fast and there’s obviously a lot more to but I
don’t want to waste your time and scroll through a bunch of them there’s there’s
clearly a lot here like one fit 130 off 90 130 off 90 you get the picture so
this specifically looks like it retails on Amazon for about $23 you’re getting
it for 46 cents a lot of profit margin to be made same with this one this one
retails on Amazon for $14 you’re getting it for 14 cents and this was exactly how
a lot of the ones that I bought recently that I’m gonna show you some examples in
this actual video of me selling on other places to make money with this business
model this is exactly what they look like I sourced them and they were like I
think like 15 cents one of them was like 10 cents and the other one was like 40
something super super cheap and you can get these products to your door for
those so this one specifically – looks like it
retails for only $8 roughly but you’re you’re spending 8 cents to get it so why
not right so this is easy you can use viral X to resell now where can you
resell you can resell them back on Amazon obviously with the same general
overall coupon arbitrage business model that I teach in my online arbitrage
course or you can resell them on other places like I’m gonna show you here
today like Macari like Poshmark or ebay they’re all great marketplaces
especially once you rank your account now one of the key factors they’re not
so much on Poshmark but definitely on eBay and Macari is the more reviews you
get the more feedback that you get on eBay are there more reviews that you get
on Macari the more social proof that you have and then you’ll be able to sell
things at a higher price in a better margin in the future right so for
example I didn’t sell things that that high initially when I was first ranking
my Macari on my eBay accounts because I wanted those reviews I wanted those
five-star social feedbacks so that were five-star feedbacks so that I could have
that social proof to sell things at a higher profit margin in the future now
on my my eBay store if I wasn’t suspended currently in the process of
getting unsuspended from that if you guys wanna check out the video of why
I’m suspended because they think I’m drop shipping where I was drop shipping
I’ll drop that video up in the right hand corner and I’ll also drop that that
video in the description below but uh I’m in the process of currently getting
on suspended from there I think currently I had but I have like 110
reviews on there so this same goes with eBay as what I’m about to say for Macari
now I’m Rick area have about approaching 160 reviews 5 star reviews and it should
be like 170 180 ish by the end of the week there’s a lot there and the reason
being I’m the reason I’m telling you this is when I first started on selling
on eBay and I first started selling on Macari and obviously the same thing goes
with Amazon as well – I couldn’t flip products that high because I didn’t have
that social feedback I didn’t have that that social proof essentially in the
former review of reviews so my products would sit there and they wouldn’t sell
as fast because people weren’t trusting me as easily now if people I list
something on Macari it sells super fast because I have you know 160 five-star
reviews and people don’t even think about it anymore it’s just like Oh
trusted seller clearly Buy and that’s how it works and you
would see that if you kind of spent the time to rank your account for a better
word so you can tell the back home record even in Poshmark
obviously I do all three of those – eBay because I’m currently suspended but
that’s only you know temporary and then you can obviously sell them back on
Amazon if you want to as well so now that we touched on that let me show you
some examples I’ll pop them up on the screen in a second of specific products
that I’ve sold now I’ve probably claimed I don’t know a hundred of these in the
past two weeks maybe here’s an example of one right here that I currently just
sold I’ll pop the picture of this up on the screen in a second for you it looks
like your retails for $12.99 I sold this I believe on Macari I’ll pop it up on
the screen for $10 the shipping fee obviously I cuz I I cover free of the
shipping on Macari so that it sells faster it’s just a technique to kind of
sell products fit faster you don’t have to do that if you want to watch for 25
the selling fee was $1 and obviously I made a net profit of 475 so if I spent
like I think this was the one that was 46 but or 46 cents so I spent that I
made four dollars and ten cents in like a week
if that on this now the next one that we’re gonna talk about I think I sold
this one on Poshmark so I’ll pop that up on the screen right now for you looks
like this was this retailed roughly at twenty five cent $25.99 if I remember
correctly somebody made me an offer on this and I just decided to accept it
looks like I sold this for nine dollars on Poshmark
minus the fees it looks like I made 425 and this was another one that I got for
10 cents so I made four dollars and fifteen cents in less than a week on
this one just for claiming it on a site and flipping it back on Poshmark now
remember guys – I’m not just listing this on Poshmark I’m not just love
singing this on Amazon I’m not just listening this on Macari either I’m
listening it on all three and wherever it sells obviously more power to me I’m
flipping that product fast and then I’m taking it off of each other
marketplace so the very next one obviously is this one looks like your
retails at $15.99 this is an adapter and this one this is a funny story this one
actually went out to a guy named that they called himself Rocky Balboa I
shipped this probably last week is really funny I’ll pop that picture up on
the screen right now for you of me actually shipping this adapter out to
Rocky Balboa pretty funny this one it looks like I sold for nine dollars as
well I’ll pop that picture up on the screen right now made 385 and I think
this one was like 16 cents that I bought it for – so practically 360 roughly
profit margin after everything else so there’s a lot of
money to be made here and it’s easy easy money with viral X now obviously you can
flip these back on Amazon as well there are certain risks that come in you know
it involved with flipping coupon products back on Amazon that didn’t used
to come with that so that’s something I talked about specifically in my course
coupon arbitrage is one of the business models that I talked about in online
arbitrage pro 2.0 which literally launched yesterday guys yesterday so it
comes with coupon arbitrage eight other business models a lot of other websites
just like viral X this is literally one of I don’t even know like I don’t I
don’t quote me on this but it might be like thirty to fifty websites in the
course I honestly don’t even remember how many websites there on the course
there are a lot of websites a lot of ways to make money and obviously coupon
arbitrage and reselling like I just showed you are just is just one of the
examples of stuff in the course so if you guys also want to make thousands of
dollars every single month reselling simple easy products just like I just
showed you right from your computer a link in the description for online
arbitrage – pro 2.0 there will be ten discount codes because it just launched
I’m giving away ten discount codes to the first ten people that claim them
I’ll pop the discount code up on the screen right now if you go through the
link you could pick one-time payment and use that code at checkout you will get
50% off online arbitrage Pro and as soon as all ten of those are claimed that
will be it and then there’ll be full retail so I hope you guys liked this
sourcing tutorial you can obviously use this to your advantage go to viral let’s
start claiming coupons just remember that you do have to obviously review
them and just kind of show you what I mean by that briefly you need to do two
things when you’re actually reviewing these products so you’ll see here this
is an example of one that I clearly didn’t write just so I could demonstrate
it for you in this video so what you have to do is you have to write a review
and that will take you to the blog that you have to rewrite right there the
review on it’s very very simple you literally click five stars and you write
like a three sentence review it’s super super simple then you also need to post
it on social media with the hashtag now this is an old Facebook page that I used
to use so nobody even really follows me here this doesn’t even mean anything to
me but I post them here because that is part of the stipulations to claim
coupons on viral X you have to write a review on the blog super super easy
takes you like literally 30 seconds and then
have to post it on social media as well with hashtags that they tell you I
believe the hashtags there’s three of them
you can literally read what they are when you go to write your review and
then you send them links boom you’re done and you can keep claiming codes and
then obviously your rank will start increasing you see here I’m about four
thousand so that’s basically it like I said super super easy you can create a
Facebook or an Instagram just to literally post that stuff if you want to
but I highly recommend that you start checking out viral X remember guys ten
coupon claim codes to a link in the description for all nine arbitrage pro I
pop the coupon code up on the screen one last time and I’ll see you in the next