Begin to cover the whole piece with a brown color By doing that it will look like it’s only wood underneath the paint when you later on will create a worn look Apply a lacquer. The lacquer will later on prevent you from bringing up the underlying color when you create your worn look! Sponge, cloth, several colors (at least two), oil (or furniture wax) Apply oil (or wax) to the surface. That will prevent the paint to adhere too good which will make it even easier to create a worn look Work bit by bit so that the oil/wax don’t have time to dry before you get your paint on! Work quickly so the paint don’t have time to dry and let the colors blend into each other. Take a wet cloth (or a baby-wipe) and scrub away the paint along the edges. For the rest of the piece, work with circular movements with the cloth to smoothen the paint effect. Finish the look with a ‘WASH’
(look among my other videos of how to do that)