If you have a blog on WordPress.com, get easily sync your events to your blog to get the word out in more places. To get started, log into your WordPress.com account, click on My Sites in the upper left, and head over to the dashboard for your blog. If you already have an existing blog or want to use a different WordPress theme, you can just add an Eventbrite widget that shows all your upcoming events. To add the widget, click “Widgets” under “Appearance” and look for the Eventbrite Event Calendar. All you have to do is drag and drop the
widget into the Main Widget Area on the right-hand side of the page. Then make sure the connect your blog with Eventbrite so WordPress can access your events. Super easy for attendees who already go to your website, and an easy way to sell even more tickets. Cha-ching. If you’re creating a new WordPress blog, you can also use one of Eventbrite’s custom themes. Under “Appearance,” just select “Themes” and search for Eventbrite. You’ll see 2 different themes you can
apply to your blog: one for a single event and one for multiple events. The final step is to connect your Eventbrite account
to WordPress. Under “Appearance,” click on “Theme Options” and select “Connect with Eventbrite.” Once you allow WordPress access to your
events, you can pick and choose the events you want to display and promote your events in a list or a calendar. When people check out your WordPress blog, they can quickly see all your live upcoming events in one place.