Hey guys, this is Harsh from Shoutmeloud and
today I have something that I never thought I would do but eventually I was talking to
one of my good friend Karan Batra and he suggested me that this is something going to be very
helpful for you and for him as well. So in this video, I will be showing you how I exactly
publish the posts. What things I do and that might give you an idea of how other bloggers
are working. Maybe you can take away a few things that you might not be doing and might
help you. So let me go through it and exactly tell you what I do.
So basically how I start is; I start writing blog posts, I forget the title, title is the
last thing that I bother about. The first thing that I think like what topic I am going
to write about. I mean, I am also not considering the SEO here, I am considering the point that
the topic I found something very interesting and I think that’s already useful for me
and that’s going to be useful for my blog readers. So that’s how I start. So I am
taking an example of the post that I was doing today and it’s going to go live tomorrow.
I will add the link in the description if you want to check out and this is how I start.
So the plugin is Evergreen Post Tweeter WordPress Plugin. Now the idea was like in this case,
of course I installed the plugin, tried it on my blog and then started writing about
it so that I give a complete idea of how this plugin works. Now the first thing that I start
with is to talk about the main point, talk about the things that a blogger can relate
to, I mean why this plugin is useful for? if I simply just go ahead and pitch about
the plug in itself, that might work but think from next level like if you talk about a thing
like ‘Hey, are you missing the traffic or are you missing driving content to your old
blog post?”, I mean that’s a pain point for everyone, that’s a pain point for me.
So that way, your readers can relate to it. I mean, it depends on what topic you are writing
on, if you are writing on tech stuff like ‘How to download a YouTube videos’, you can
start writing with “Streaming videos on YouTube is a pain, how about you can download the
video and start watching it?” That’s how you can start. That’s my rule and that’s
what I follow so initially that’s how I start writing. now few things, once I am done
writing, the first thing that I do is I give a heading, I try to make my content *, there
are people who might not be interested in reading the complete blog post, they just
want to scan the crust of it and that’s it. That’s enough for them, so in that case,
add a S2 heading, add a S3 heading and that’s it. Now one mistake that I used to make and
what I used to do, I used to repeat my S2 and S3 tag and why I used to do that because
my S2 tag is bigger than… It makes the post look good, so in that case, that’s a good
thing to make your post look good but it has a SEO implication. Using too many S1 and S2
tags does not give you good SEO value and one rule of on-page SEO is to use proper heading
tag like HO and S2, S3. So your post is like; post title is already S1, then you use S2
and then you can use S3. So I have not used S3 over here because it was not required but
maybe I can just add something like conclusion. So it’s required. If this is a very targeted
post, I would also add my keyword over here but in this case, it’s not required because
it’s more of a personal post, that’s one thing. The second thing which is very important
like all tag of the image, you need to make sure that image all tag is something which
is relevant to the post itself. It should not be something like IMG004.jpeg or something
like that, so that’s very useful. So once you are done writing the post, proofreading
is very important. What I recommend is that don’t proofread right away, wait for an
hour or two, take a break and read a post with completely refreshed mind. That ways
you can actually figure out the errors or mistakes that you have made in the post. Another
important thing is internal linking. Internal linking is important for many reasons; one,
it has the SEO benefits so that when search engine bots come and see your blogpost; they
can go to another post and crawl an index it. so here is how I add the internal links,
so I click on ‘Insert ad link’, just type my keyword and that’s it, if not that, I
also use one plugin called WordPress insight which I don’t see here right now, so I have
not been using that for a while, that’s a very good plugin and so I will add the link
to that video also, so you should watch it. These are very useful plugin at the same time,
so once I am done with the internal linking, the second thing is to select the categories,
and so in this case, this post is about WordPress. Add proper tags and when you add the tags,
think from the point of view that you don’t need too many tags. Tags are not useful for
search engine, they are useful for your readers to navigate your blog much better, so use
those tags that you are going to use again and again or use those tags that you have
already used on the blog. After that, the most important thing is your Meta Description
and Meta Title. So by default, if you don’t make changes, your Meta Title would be the
same as your blog post. Now think like maybe the search engine and for your blog reader,
you want to write a different title. This is a title that would be visible on your blog
and on the search engine, you want to show a different title, in that case, what you
can do, you can write a complete different title for SEO in title tag feature. I am using
thesis theme, if you are using SEO by Yoast, they have a different feature. like exactly
the same, so that’s what you can use and here’s the curse, one of the mistake that
I used to make back in the days was that I don’t used to write Meta-Description like
the way it should be written. What I would do is just simply copy-paste the first two
lines and that’s it. Now think of the Meta-Description as a sales copy for your blogpost, think like
why someone would click on Meta-Description like the details that they would see. Let
me show just show you an example, so here this is the Meta-Description. So your Meta-Description
should be very attractive like a sales copy that makes a reader click on it, so in this
case what I did, here’s a WordPress plugin which automatically tweet old post from your
WordPress blog and here is how you can configure Evergreen twitter plugins. So I give them
a reason to click on the link to figure out how this plugin is going to help them and
how to setup the plugin. Now of course, you can be more creative and write a better Meta-Description
and it should not be in more than 150 characters. So instead of copy-pasting what is written
from the blogpost, write something that is very unique, that is going to be very helpful.
Meta Keywords, it’s no more relevant, so I don’t really use it anymore. Now in WordPress,
we have featured image and this is very useful. So in this case I am not using a custom image
but in most of the cases, I use a custom image which are more attractive for the search engine
and for the reader as well which is actually shown on my blog homepage. I will just show
you an example; so this is my featured image. Whatever image I have added in this Featured
section that shows up here. So maybe you can be creative about that, so you can see most
of the time I worked with this. I really need to work on how the recuse thing work. Apart
from that, what I use is this amazing plugin called WP Social SEO Pro, for long we have
been in this notion that we have to optimize our blog for SEO, for search engine. at the
same time, it is now important to optimize your blog for social media sites like Facebook,
google+ or twitter because that helps a lot so that people when they see your content
on social media sites, they can click on it. Now understand that on SEO, we focus on the
keywords, on social media sites, we work on the emotional behavior where we use the power
words that make them click on it. so what this plugin do is, you can write different
title for your post title, a detail meta description and an image, so instead of when somebody
shares your blogpost on Facebook or google+ and any image they can share, this plugin
lets you define an image that will be shared with a blogpost. So you can have a big image
blogpost with a call to action to get more search engine traffic. Most important, you
can have a detailed Meta Title, the graft tittle; this is for the Facebook, this is
for google+ and this is for twitter and here I will show you an example, here’s what
happens when people share my blogpost. You can see that every blogpost comes with an
image and that helps a lot to get more traffic and this has been happening from last 28 days,
I have been using this plugin. I have added the link to this plugin in my description
and pretty much that’s it. Now the last thing that I might like to change is remove
the stop words from my permalink because stop words are not useful.( ‘to’, ‘and’, ‘the’
,’a’) any of those stop words which does not make sense here. So simply return and then
I schedule this post for a particular date and I click on update and that’s it.
So this is how I publish a blogpost. Of course, at times there is a different way to look
at it but more or less, this is how I publish a blogpost. If you have a different trick
or if you use a different method to publish your blog post, I am all ears, I would really
like to hear your way of publishing the blog post and if you enjoyed this blogpost and
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updates. Thank you for watching, this is Harsh.