Hello! today i show you how to restore WordPress
site from a backup first please subscribe my channel and click on the bell icon to get
new videos go to your cPanel and open your site file manager and public_html folder make
sure your home directory the folder name of your home directory here is public_html directory
all WordPress file and folder just select all then press delete
you see the directory is empty now nothing here you see nothing here now go to phpmyadmin
and find out your database name i have one database may be you have many be careful select
the right one here is the name of your database just check it it must be correct name check
all then press drop then yes you see No tables found in database it is empty you see our
site is also empty nothing here now we will upload our WordPress files again select the
right directory upload zip file backup zip file from your computer you see here is my
zip folder upload complete go back here is our zip file that mean folder just select and
extract it press extract extract files you see the public_html and close the window now
you must delete the zip file no need to keep this file here it is not secure just delete
now we have all our wordpress files and folders you see our site is looking our database don’t
touch this window keep it as is go to phpmyadmin and select
the right database name you see nothing here No tables found in database just import your
.sql file your database file and press go you see database updated just press structure
here is all files now go to your website just type your URL only
you see we already restore this site sometimes you maybe need to update your permalink it
is very easy just login WordPress dashboard and go to permalink and just change plain
again post name and press save change you see permalink structure updated our site is
ok it is fine thank you very much for watching