Are you visiting or new to New York City? Are you looking for a website where you can get $5.00 broadway tickets? Or 50% on select restaurants? Look no further we’re going to go through my top five new york city websites for saving money. Alright first on the list is And it’s more than just a review’s website. First off you can get check in offer at many restaurants in New York. You can get a free appetizer. Free beers, some money off your check. But more so than that, becoming a Yelp elite member has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since moving here. When you get enough reviews you can apply for membership. And through that you get free access to many different parties, events, where you get to try out restaurants and bars In your area absolutely free. I’ve gotten boat cruises around the hudson with it. You also get to meet many different owners and managers of restaurants. So when you go there again, you’ll feel like a VIP. Next on the list is and in this case i’m referring to the application not the website. And this gives you a list of bars and restaurants in your area that will give you up to a 50% discount on your total check The only drawbacks here are you can only use it one time per place. And usually they’ll cap you at 20 dollars maximum off your check. Still it’s a great value and an awesome way to discover new places right near by. Number three on the list living And what I really like about this site is that it splits New York into different geographic regions So if you live in downtown Manhattan. You’re not interested in events going on uptown. But they’ve got classes, they’ve got festivals. They have different concerts going on. A whole lot of discounts. If you’re interested in ball room dancing it would be a great couples activity. Give this website a shot. Next on the list And this website isn’t just useful in New York City. But anywhere around the United States. I’ve used it to get 60% discsounts on bike rentals in Central Park. $12.00 boat cruises around the Hudson. Discounted stand up comedy tickets. Or maybe my favorite, reduced price admission to the Star Trek Star Fleet Academy Experience. That was a mouthful. This last one is hands down my favorite website as a New Yorker and I feel a little bit guilty sharing it but. You guys are worth it right. Willcall For a 19.95 cent annual fee you get access to dozens of different off-broadway and sometimes even broadway shows. For just a $5.00 reservation fee. For example, this past saturday I went to see act of god with shawn hayes on broadway. Myself and 3 friends sat in the orchestra, $100 tickets we spent $5.00 each. An incredible value. And a great show for the record. All you have to do is check the website out. These theaters don’t want empty seats to go to waste. So they’d rather fill them up and have somebody sitting there. An awesome deal and a website you definitely need to have. Just don’t tell to many of your friends, I still want to get tickets. If you enjoyed this, hit the like button below, share this video with some friends, and certainly subscribe to Here Be Barr. We’ve got travel vlogs, travel tips videos coming out weekly. Looking to help you travel smarter. Thanks for watching. Some of these theaters have empty seats they don’t want them to go to waste. Bless me.