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channel today in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to set up a wordpress
website or blog in five easy steps and for almost no cost at all alright stick
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and today’s video what I’m going to show you about is how to set up a wordpress
website or blog in five easy steps and for almost no cost at all like I was
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alright alright well with that out of the way now let’s go ahead get started
on today’s video and and I’ve got this the five steps up here in a WordPad
thing here that I’ve typed in the first step we’re going to do on this process
is we want to by hosting right you got to have hosting to host the web site on
you got to have a servers out there on the web somewhere to host your website
so it can be accessible so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going
to buy hosting now so if we come over here to I’m just using this as an
example here the Hostgator there’s many hosting sites out there’s Bluehost
GoDaddy just there’s all kinds you just do a search in Google for web hosting
sites and you’ll find all kinds of them but as an example here you can see that
this is a monthly cost here most web hosting most web hosting sites charge a
monthly fee okay and I can hear some of your now
you’re saying well Kevin you told us you were gonna show show us how to do this
for almost nothing we’ll just hang on just bear with me we’re gonna get to
this here in just a second all right so let’s take an example here let’s just
come here we’ll say we came to a little skater we’re using this is just an
example and Nunavut came here to and we’re looking for web
hosting right web hosting made easy and affordable which web hosting is really
it’s pretty cheap it’s not real expensive when you’re paying it by the
month as you see post gator’s plans are 275 for one domain in an unlimited
bandwidth then they got their what they call the baby plan the next one up from
the hatchling and it’s 395 a month you get unlimited domains and unlimited
bandwidth and then their business plan which is the one they recommend here
it’s unlimited pretty much everything they want five ninety-five a month for
that let’s see what that is per year okay so I’m gonna bring up my calculator
here and let’s just say let’s just say for example that we take five dollars
and 95 cents per month if we’re using the one they recommend here their
business plan they call it for eliminate everything and we times that by what
twelve months right a year that’s 71 dollars and 40 cents a year
that you’re paying out every year and it’s something that you have to keep
track of it’s something that you it’s a monthly expense that you have to think
about every month unless you’re unless you’ve got it on your credit card and
set up for auto pay then you won’t have to think about it but still it’s a
monthly expense every month every year right so I’ve got a better one for you
here all right so let’s let’s come over here now this is just an example most of
your hosting sites out there will charge a monthly fee or they’ll charge some of
them alone will make you pay it for the whole year
okay you’d have to pay that I don’t know Hostgator has probably both monthly and
yearly some of them just have yearly you just have to look and see but yeah if
you’re so if you’re for example host here are you’re gonna get this plan
right here at their business plan you’re gonna pay that seventy one dollars and
forty cents up front every year every 12 months I’m gonna pay
that but it looks like they have a monthly plan where it’s just five minus
five a month doesn’t seem too bad does it but when you look at it per year and
seventy one almost seventy two dollars per year and now let’s see something
better here and it’s the same one when you see my site
I’m hosted on this site too right here it’s lifetime hosting okay and I’ll have
the links guys down in the description for all these websites and I’m going to
show you today okay all right so lifetime hosting look here it says pay
once and host it forever almost for nothing here think about this
you’re gonna buy you’re gonna pay one time and done no other cost involved so
if we if we scroll down here and this is this is where I have my website hosted
it’s very good I’ve had no issues with it I’ve had it for six months now and
have no problems with this at all it’s up all the time it’s smooth it’s fast
and it’s it’s got lots of good good detailed things with it too okay now
here’s their packages this is the one I have right here
seventy-five nine seventy nine ninety five I paid this one time it’s pay once
and hosted forever I can host up to three websites or three
domains okay that doesn’t seem like much but there’s a way around that you could
have as many websites as you want on subdomains did you choose you don’t have
to pay anything extra for that you can have as many websites on subdomains
under your initial domain name that you purchased okay and that’s basically
unlimited websites all tied together in fact that’s the way Google likes it
anyway in terms of search engine when yours when all your websites are linked
together like that that’s that’s better for Google they like Google likes that
for search engine purposes soon or SEO search engine optimization okay so
there’s a plus to that now but subdomains is a is a video for another
time okay that’s not to focus on this one here focus on this one is how to set
it up easy in for cheap almost nothing so you’re saying okay onesies that’s 80
bucks out-of-pocket yeah but that’s 80 bucks out-of-pocket just one time how
they have the standard plan you can host six websites or six domain names or you
can end unlimited sub subdomains as well or you can pipe a them get the deluxe
package for a hundred and sixty one time and you can have up to twelve domain
names on it the difference is is the storage space that you get here three
six and twelve okay but three gigabytes is enough I mean it’s so I’ve got you
know I’ve got two webs right now I’m working on the second one
you see right here on mine it says freedom motivator not constantly
affiliate marketing video tube site it’s under construction right now I’m still
working on it but it’s hosted on a sub domain and it hasn’t used up hardly any
of my three good but three gigabytes of storage at all okay and it’s unlimited
bandwidth so that means it’s unlimited traffic to your website you’re not gonna
pay you’re never gonna run out of bandwidth
so you see the difference here if you get just as good at hosting
if not better because of price as you would with like okay its
one-time payment and done now if I can I talk to you a little bit more about it
if you come over to my channel if you’re not on my channel already at YouTube
here freedom motivator my channel here if you come down you scroll down yeah
through my videos you’ll see a video right here that I made right here above
my picture here he says get great web hosting for a one-time payment for life
and no monthly payments and recurring payments I’m here and watch this video I
go into a little bit more detail about lifetime to hosting right here in this
video right here so okay so that’s that’s how we get our hosting for one
time I say almost for free because in a year from now your website’s probably if
it’s for business and you’ve made money in your business right you’ve got all
that back and that websites still gonna be there ten years down the road from
now and you haven’t paid another penny for it
alright so that means it’s basically free it’s basically free yeah alright so
got that covered right now the next thing that we’ll do is gonna
come back you’re gonna have to buy a domain you want to buy preferably
or these are the more popular ones com would be the one you really want to
have because that’s the more popular one okay war dotnet is is okay too but when
you start getting to like doc biz or or you know anything you you know you can
do you can get them cheaper for like 99 cents for like a dot IO or a dot
whatever it could be a dot whatever you can make it up if you want and those
will be given for 99 cents to the domains that aren’t that popular like
dot-com or net now to buy a domain what I recommend is coming over to okay and it’s where I have
my domains that I but I’ve got several domains that I bought from Namecheap
here and I use my in fact freedom motivator calm comes from Namecheap okay
now you can by domain here from anywhere from about nine ninety
nine to eleven dollars depending on your you know how many words are in it if
you’ve got three or four words com it’ll be about about nine dollars a
month nine dollars a year I’m sorry it’s not
monthly think it’s a yearly price or if you’ve got like a up to around if you
got like one or two words in your domain then it’s going to be a little bit more
might be ten or eleven dollars but that’s only paid once a year paid once a
year okay and that’s way it is even with GoDaddy or plenty of the other domain
that you can find if you do a search on goodwill there’s plenty of them out
there and that’s the way it works the same way on them too so you buy your
domain you buy your Calm domain you have a back office here you can work with
your domain once you guys sign up it’s free to sign up with namecheap
or any any domain name site and then you have you get once you purchase you get a
back office where you can work with that domain name or manage it okay all right
now so the domain domain name is you’re
going to pay once a year nine to eleven dollars somewhere in that range for okay that’s pretty cheap once a year for that cost basically
almost nothing alright so you’ve got your web hosting for a one-time payment
and done never again the rest of your life pay your domain once a year that’s
about ten bucks a year so you see at this point we’re almost for nothing
that’s what I was talking about you’re gonna you can get this WordPress website
and your blog whichever all set up for almost no cost at all okay now so we got
our domain name now what we’re going to do the next thing is is we’re gonna
upload our WordPress either manually or through a program I don’t think I
spelled that right called soft delicious okay and the way we do that is if we
come over here for example whenever you buy hosting from either wherever you’re
gonna buy your hosting from you always get what’s called a cPanel which is your
back the backend of your hosting where you control all your files and so on and
so forth and lots of things so for example if I come to my control panel or
cPanel for lifetime to hosting I login and it brings up this this is what your
control panel looks like in in the backend of your hosting site
right now you can come here to file manager and you can go to
once you’ve got you’re already got your you know your hosting and your building
and coming to over here you can download WordPress 5.1 for
Windows this is if you’ve got a Mac computer it’ll pick up the fact that
you’ve got a Macintosh computer probably when you come to this site now this one
right here you don’t want to choose this right here this is a dot tar.gz file
that’s for if you’re running linux OS system on your computer if you’re
running the free operating system called Linux which there’s many different
flavors of that you want to choose this link right here otherwise if it’s
Windows like I’m running good this click download WordPress 5.1 once you get it
downloaded onto your hard drive if you’re going to come back over here and
what I’m showing you here now is how to manually install WordPress but there’s
an easier way to do I’ll show you here in just a second you’re gonna come back
to your control panel at the the back end of your hosting right you’re going
to click on file manager right here and it loads it up and you see all the files
that have to do with your your hosting ok and as you see here here’s my freedom
motivator calm this is where it’s hosted at and then my other one I sub-domain
that I was showing you earlier and then what you’ll do is you’ll come here to
your control panel you’ll go under the public HTML okay see
freedom motivator calm here this is where it’s based at right in here as
well in the file manager and then you’ll come to where’s that upload right here
click on upload it loads this up and then you select your file and it opens
up your Windows Explorer or File Explorer or your program folder and Mac
or Applications folder and Mac and you find the downloaded file a wordpress
file that you’re just downloading from WordPress WordPress com
here okay and then you’ll love you’ll upload that file into your public HTML
or HTML folder all right when you upload it you know you can be in a zip file the
dot zi p file and then once you do it you’ll see that this extract link right
up here it’s grayed out right now you’ll see that that extract link will be
highlighted and you can click on that dot zip file wordpress zip file and
extract those files into your public h wonder score HTML for you make sure you
choose this folder right here and you can upload it there and then attach your
domain to it and work with it from right there once it’s uploaded from there and
then you just come back and you’ll get and you get a let’s hear what you’ll go in that you’ll
get you can you’ll be able to log into your control panel once you come back to
that and then we’re gonna you know you’ll see it will show up under your
domain name because you’re gonna redirect your domain name to that
WordPress installation okay and you do that from your from here you’re gonna
direct it to your hosting site through name servers and which you’ll be able to
see anywhere on your domain site working your back-office how to redirect your
domain to a certain hosting company where your WordPress blog or website is
located at alright and you’ll bring it up in and there’s another way here to do
this you can install that was the manual way to install your WordPress file
that’s downloaded but there’s an easier way here so let’s come back here to
control panel and if you scroll down most of them all control panels are the
same doesn’t matter what hosting you choose either lifetime or Hostgator or
whatever doesn’t matter all of them are the same and you’ll come down you’ll
scroll all the way down and there’s there’s what’s called saw Softaculous
that’s what I meant I was spelling it wrong Softaculous you see WordPress
there’s all kinds of different things here that you can choose from to install
in create websites and things out of here but you’re going to choose
WordPress here click on that and that should open up here and you can choose
to install WordPress from here without going to and downloading
it you can just install it directly from here and it installs the most updated
version ok right here just click install now as you can see I’ve got my a domain
name attached to this right here these so I’ve installed WordPress on my main
site and also on my sub domain site ok and you’ll just click install now and
it’ll bring you up to this page and then you can set it up and go through these
settings right here you can name it whatever you want to name it at this
will be your domain you can drop out if you have you’ll see you can choose your
domain because your domain will fill up and your because
attested to this this insulation of wordpress right through how i showed you
in the domain site under use name servers to do that with and redirect it
to your wordpress site and then you choose the domain you want to install it
on and then you just go through these other different settings right here you
want to choose an admin and choose a password you can have an admin email for
two which will be under your domain name the network’s through your website only
through the website you get emails when somebody fills in your contact form that
works through the website okay and it will show up and you haven’t redirected
to another email address or whatever that way to and then choose your
language I’ve got all kinds of languages to put it in this can be done anywhere
in the world to folks who want to let you know this can be done doesn’t matter
where you’re at in the world you can do this okay this is all can be done
anywhere in the world and you go through these settings now so we’ve got that
part all set up now there once you do this they have some free themes here
that you confuse okay and then you just select one of these themes that you like
I mean this you can go through there’s all kinds of them there’s just several
themes and load up here and then once you select a theme that you like you can
just click on install and it will install it according to your settings up
here there’s advanced settings right here to make sure you click on that and
check out some of these it’s going to show you your database that will be
created on your WordPress installation on your hosting right that’s important
but it’s already sets it there for you that’s the beauty about installing the
let through Softaculous here allowing them to install it because they’ll set
this all up for you if you’re doing it manually you’re going to have to set
your own database up more than likely okay but that’s another that’s another
thing but here’s I’m showing you the easiest way to do this now and it works
flawlessly and you go through some of these other settings here that you’ll
see in your Softaculous installation choose a theme if you like or not if you
don’t choose anything it’ll just it says right here it’s optional the default one
will be in you just click install and it will
install your WordPress team on your domain and you can it’ll even give you
and show you what your ad your back office admin link is where you can log
in to your WordPress back office which is what you see right here all right now
so the next thing on that list is we want to we want to choose a theme right
so we’ve got our WordPress site installed and set up and ready to go on
our domain right and we want to choose a theme now you can like I said if you can
either choose the theme from what they have what softly she showed you there
you can choose one of their themes or if not you can come choose another one now
I recommend if you want to find a different theme is to come over to my
recommended site is my scene shop comm the reason why is because they’ve got a
lot of great things and they’ve got lots of plugins really good plugins that you
can get here too and they have a lot of free good goods assortment of free
themes there’s 18 free themes here right now on this site it’s my theme shop calm
like I said I’ll have a link down in the description for all these – alright so
then you can choose some free themes and there’s a couple things there’s only one
thing about themes I’m going to share with you here most people don’t know
about okay the thing is is you can use any theme you want
doesn’t matter what it is it can be one that’s designated for business you do it
for a blog it can be designated for news you can still use it for whatever you
want it can be designated ecommerce and you can still use it for whatever you
want doesn’t matter there’s only two things that you want to pay attention to
or a theme comes in and two concern one is the the widget capability how many
widgets do you want to have on your website how many widgets does the theme
allow you to have okay all the other one is also how many sidebars different
themes have different amounts of sidebars on it sidebar for example if I
come to my website my website here is a free theme and it has only one sidebar
which is all I really need and it’s on my blog inset sidebar on your front page
of your blog usually so if I load up my blog here it will show you where the
sidebar is I’ll point that out to your in just a second there it is so you see
this is your sidebar right here all this down through here I have only one
sidebar capability on my website and that’s all I needed but that’s all I
chose and you can add it and add to it as much as you want I mean I could
stretch it clear down through here with all kinds of stuff ads whatever doesn’t
matter you can put as much as what you want recent posts you’ll see that in
your in your back-office here you can you know when you go to appearance and
customize to customize your your WordPress theme you can do that and take
care of that there so there’s only two things you’re concerned about with the
theme how many widgets and the widget
capability everywhere how many woods and how many sidebars do you want so that’s
all you’re looking for doesn’t matter what theme you choose you can either
choose a papal and that’s why these companies like my theme saw shop or any
other theme website that’s why they categorized these these are better for
business or this one’s better for e-commerce or for a magazine or whatever
or a blog whatever don’t pay no attention to that that’s just how they
they sell them okay that they classify them like that so they can charge a
certain price for him okay but doesn’t matter you can use any theme that you
choose and make it work for whatever you want to use it for whether it’s business
blog photography music artist doesn’t matter all themes are the same you can
use it all of matters is the widgets and the the amount of sidebars that you can
have on it depends depend on how many of those you want otherwise you can set it
up and make it look the way you want even though it may for example like look
like this one here you can still control all this in your back office of your
WordPress site under appearance and customize okay alright so that covers
that all right guys now the the next thing in that list at that point once
you’ve got it set up you’ve got your steam chosen you’ve got
to theme installed which you which is easy to do if you download a theme from
let’s say if you go to a theme website you don’t choose a free theme that’s
listed here which there are hundreds here
and you don’t you install it you can still come back here to your thing and
come down here to where it says appearance and go to themes
and you click on themes and load up and you can look for all kinds of other
themes if you want to add new themes you click on add new and then you see
they’re just coming up with all kinds of them hearing these are all free you
click here you want to search for a certain type of theme you like business
theme or whatever like again I said doesn’t matter whether it’s for what
whatever category of going work for you regardless you just want to pay
attention to your widgets and your sidebar capabilities ok those the only
two things need to worry about and maybe lay out you might start with a little
layout or something that you can manipulate or something like that
through customization alrighty so you can get your theme directly from your
WordPress installation and there’s thousands of them or you can come over
to what was it like my team shops when I recommend because you can do why do I
recommend this site when only they have a good sort of free stuff on here and
paid but you’ve got a lot of learning that you can do on this website to you
can they’ll teach you about you know word pressing WordPress 101 you can
learn about different things and they got video tutorials and that’s so for
that’s what I like about this site they’re very it’s a very helpful very
valuable website just for even if you weren’t looking for a theme and you were
looking for things about how to work with WordPress and that kind of thing
there’s probably other ones that have this too but my theme shop is is one arm
recommend okay all right so then once you get it installed at that point
you’re just going to customize your theme and you do that by coming over to
appearance and customize and you can customize your theme to however you want
it to be you know however you want it to look like which is you’re just basically
editing your your theme with your sidebars and your widgets and so on and
so forth alright so as you come over into customize and it gives you
different choices here where you can customize the header and the colors and
your head or media your menu widgets home page settings theme options
now different themes we’re gonna have more than this right here okay just
depending on what you want like I said you just want to pay attention about
widgets and sidebars pretty much menus that you can look at
that to some themes offered well I mean even my team I can put as many menus as
I want so maybe that’s not something to pay attention to but this makes your own
that you got what you want in terms of widgets and in sidebars and you’ll be
good to go and you can add different plugins to it as well back here on the
on the WordPress you can add all kinds of different plugins on your site and
make it look and act and do and work just like you want to okay alright guys
that’s how we set up a blog here a WordPress website or blog and like
here’s the plugins you come over here and add new plugins click on that and
there’s just thousands and thousands of plugins one thing to pay attention about
plugins is usually they have a free version and a paid version if the free
version accomplishes what you want and you don’t need to buy the paid version
ok so that’s just something you’re going to have to decide for for yourself ok
and in the salon and so forth so and it’s pretty easy to work with through
here and in your new post you can add new posts and categories and tags and
show all your posts and so on these all go to your blog post on here all all
WordPress themes have a blog have a blog everyone doesn’t matter whether it’s for
business commerce whatever they all all have a blog capability because of
WordPress ability to post articles and pictures and whatnot on there ok alright
guys that’s pretty much what I had for you today is 5 easy steps five simple
steps or almost nothing to set up your WordPress blog and WordPress site but
you can come here like I said pay one-time it’s a one-time payment now
they do have a cheaper plan right down here I’ll show you right here is they
offer what they call their light plan you host one website
for 3995 one time it’s a one-time payment and you only get 250 megabytes
of storage though which is something you might be want to be concerned about
depending how large and how much you’re going to add to your website okay that’s
why it’s probably recommended to get the one at least with three gigabytes that
way you know you’re not going to run out you can add all kinds of lots of things
to the website not worry about storage space on your server but there’s a
cheaper one here if you want to go with that and that’s one-time payment just
like here one and done I like to call it pay once and be done with it it’s over
with all right all right guys that’s what I had for you today hope you like
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