So this is fun. I thought I might do a behind
the scenes of how I shoot my video blogs, which is so ridiculous because I’m in the
car and I’m doing the video blog, but I’m going to use my sunnies to show you what I’m
doing. That, you can see in my sunnies there… it’s
blocking my face, maybe I should… nah you can block my face. That is my iPhone plugged
into a Smart Lav, a road Smart Lav mic which is down here, and I’ll pull it off. There
you are, that’s it there. It’s about fifty five bucks. You can buy it at like an audio
store or online or on eBay or something like that.
Oh you might not be able to hear me too if I’m doing this now. There ya are, that’s better.
A road Smart Lav microphone, and it’s on a suction mount in my car. That’s it, that’s
all I’m doing. It’s very simple, it’s very simple, if you just have a look at this you
can actually, there’s a, I’ve got a little trick that I can show you there. See that
thing that’s above the camera? That is a business card which I’ve just tucked in the mount so
it’ll stop the sun shining on the lens creating that lens flare. So if you have that you can
just use a business card or something just to cut it out.
But that’s how I shoot them. So simple. On a little suction mount in the car.
And oh, the reason that I use the mic is that it sounds better. You can hear me a bit clearer
rather than a lot of road noise and stuff if you decided to, if you decided to do it
without. But you can definitely still do it without this microphone, you can still hear
it, just the audio won’t be quite as good. So bloody simple, do it yourself.