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In today’s video, you’ll learn how to show recent posts by category in WordPress. If you want to showcase a specific category
in WordPress sidebar widget, you can choose one of two methods. First one is an easy method, and its by using a plugin
called category posts widget. To get started we’ll just install and activate the plugin then
go to appearance–>widget and drag the category post widget where you want it to go. From here you can give it a title, choose
which category you want to show, and the number of posts to show for the category you can also choose how to sort it. You have all these other options down here to choose from. Just customize it to fit your needs and when you’re finished, click save. Now we can go to our demo site and see it
in action. Here, it’s showing the last 5 from my category
like I want it to. The second way to do this is a little bit more
advanced it does not require a plugin, but it does require you to add some code to your
theme’s function.php file. First you want to make sure you backup your site. And then you add the code like this to your functions.php file. For the category slug make sure you put your category in there. What this code does is it brings back the 10 posts from a specific category and displays in a bulleted list. Also, if the post has a featured image, then
it will show that as well. Down here, we made a shortcode and we’ve enabled it
for widget use. So now we can add this code to show our list
on either a footer or a single.php file. Or you can just add the text widget under appearance–>widgets and add the shortcode here. You can see what it looks like on the demo
site. You’ll probably also need to add some css
to make the list look better so test different css codes to tweak it to your liking. I hope you liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful videos don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and check out WPBeginner.com for more useful information on WordPress.