Hello and welcome to WPBeginner. In this
video I’ll walk you through how to show simple blog stats on your WordPress
website. You may want to show stats for your site as a simple way of showing
some social proof or a way to prove that other people are interacting with your
website. To get that on your website just go to your WordPress dashboard, we’ll head
over to plugins, add new, and we’re searching for a particular plugin called
simple blog stats. This is the one we want so we’ll install it and activate it.
Alright now that we see that it’s activated we’ll go under settings, Simple
Blog Stats and it uses a lot of shortcodes or little pieces of code
that you can place in different areas of your website to show off your stats. When
I click under the shortcode area these are all of the shortcodes that you can
use and show how many posts you have, how many pages, drafts, or comments on your
site. You can also show how many users are registered for your site I’m going to
use this one. So I’m going to copy that and I want to put in a blog post so I’m a go to
posts, add new, and I want to paste that shortcode there and I’ll click publish.
Now we can see what this looks like on our site and when I go to the site as
you see these are all the blog stats that I have for the site. If you like
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