0:09 Hi guys I’m here with Web Design 101
and today I’m going to show you how to start your very own blog under than 10 minutes.
 In the video, we’re going to set up a blog on our own domain; we’re going to change our
blog title and tagline.  The tagline is just normally the line of text that appears under
the logo or blog title.  We’re also going to change the theme of our blog right and
publish our first blog post which will include text and an image and then I’m also going
to cover how to turn the comments on and off for individual blog post.  Later on in the
video I will also be sharing a clip on code with you that will get you your first month
hosting for only one penny.  So I’m going to show you how to do all of this now in under
10 minutes.   0:56 O.k.  So, the first thing we need to
do sign up for hosting and register our domain.  I personally recommend using a company called
Hostgator for this I use them for most of my websites and haven’t had a problem yet.
 So just go ahead and open up your internet browser and go to hostgator.com or alternatively you
can just click the link below this video or the annotation that’s on screen now.  Either
way once you get to their website you’ll arrive on their homepage and from there on
the top left you just want to click where it says web hosting and then in the middle
click choose a plan. That’s going to show you the different hosting plans they have
to offer to be totally honest with you the business plan comes with a whole lot of added
extras you probably won’t require so that really just leaves it between the hatchling
plan and the baby plan.  The only difference between these two plans is that the hatchling
plan allows you a single domain which is one blog and the baby plan allows you unlimited
domains which, is literally as many blogs as you would like all for the same monthly
cost.  Because I’m just setting up this blog for the tutorial video I’m going to go
with the hatchling plan and once you have decided which plan you’re going to go for
you can use this drop down to choose how often you would like to pay for it.  You will save
a bit more money the longer you buy at one time so that might be something to think about.
I’m personally just gonna set mine to monthly and click sign up now.  2:26 That’s going to bring us to this page
where we’re going to register a domain name for our blog.  So just type whatever your
blog title is or whatever you want for your domain name into this box.  I’m gonna type
Martiebuildsablog and then just click somewhere else on the screen and it will do a search
and see it its available.  If it comes up and says that it’s added that’s fine you can
carry on but if it comes up and says the domain name is not available you will need to pick
something else.  If you prefer something different than .com you can change it to .org
or .net or something using this drop down.  you can also add more than one domain name
to your basket by checking the boxes beside them.  Once you’re happy with your domain
name, underneath that just double check that package type and billing cycle are correct.
 Then it’s going to ask you to choose a username and security pin.  Then under that just fill
out your general billing information, your email address, name and things like that.
Then on the right side choose how you’re going to pay for it either credit card or PayPal.
Then under that you choose a bunch of additional services which they offer, which are basically
you pay extra for these services.  I personally just uncheck the boxes beside each of them
because I don’t think they are necessary.  Under that you’ll see here it says, enter
a coupon code and has I promised you earlier I’m going to show you how to get your first
month hosting for only one penny.  You might see there’s already a coupon code entered
in here snappy or something like that and it’s normally worth 20% off.  If you delete
this coupon and instead enter create wup1 and click validate, if you scroll down you’ll
see that your getting your first month hosting for only one penny.   4:28 You also get access to Host Gators 24/7
phone live chat and email support and access to their 44-day money back guaranteed.  Once
you are happy with everything just check the box to agree to the terms of service and then
click check out now.  I’m just gonna pause the video for a couple of minutes while I
fill out my information above and I’ll restart it when I’m on the thank you page.  So if
you just want to pause the video while you fill out your information and we can restart
together.   4:58 O.k. so that’s me now back.  I’ve finished
paying for my hosting and my domain name and I’m now on a page thanking me or my order.
Hopefully you’re on the same page too if you’ve been following along at home and if you are
just open up your email inbox where you should find two new emails from Host Gator.  The
first email should contain your billing information which is basically a link to your billing
portal, the login name and password; we don’t need this at the minute.  We do need the
accountant for [unclear 5:28].  This one will have a link to your control panel, your
username and password.  So for now just click the link beside where it says your control
panel and then copy and paste the username and password from this email into the cPanel
login screen that you just opened.  Once you do that just click login.  So that’s
us logged into what’s known as the Host Gator  control panel and this is where we are going
to install word press.   6:05 If you just want to scroll down until
you see the heading software/services and click quick install.  Then when you get here just
click word press on te left-hand side.  Now under the heading install word press for free
just click the button that says install word press.  Now you just want to choose the domain
name that you purchase from this drop down list, you want to leave this box blank and
then enter your information in here.  So your email address, your blog title, so what
you want to call your blog?  I”m just gonna call it Martie’s blog for now.  Then for
admin user I’m gonna type admin, you can type your first name or something like that.  Then
just enter your first name and your last name and click install word press.  It should
only take a few seconds and at the top you’ll read it says your install is complete.  If
you just click this down-pointing arrow beside where it says view credentials you will get
a link to your admin area, your username, and your password.  So for now just copy
the password and then click the admin area link and that’s going to bring us to the word press
login screen.  If it doesn’t bring you to this login screen right away just wait a few
more minutes and then try again.  Sometimes it takes a little while for them to configure
everything. 7:40 So now just type your username that
you set up before and then pasting your password and click log in.  And that’s us now logged
into the word press dashboard for the first time.  This is where you will add any post
to make any changes or do anything you want with your blog.  If you just click your blog
title at the top you’ll see that your blog is now live and this is what it looks like
at  the minute with the default theme.  Here is my title and my tag-line.  To change your
title and tagline you just want to click where is says customize at the top.  That’s going
to bring us to this page with the live preview on the right-hand side.  If you just click
where it says site identity you can type your new site title and tagline in here. For this
example, I’m literally just going to delete the tagline that there and as you can see
in the preview it’s gone.  Once you’re happy with your title and tagline just click save
and publish at the top and then you can click this X to go back to your blog.   8:38 To get back to the dashboard just click
on your blog title at the top.  Now to change the theme from the default theme we just saw,
we just need to click appearance on the left-hand side and that’s going to bring us to the theme’s
page.  As you can see there’s normally a few already installed plus the one we’re using
at the moment.  If you’re wanting to search for a new theme just click add new at the
top, that’s going to bring us to this page where we can see all the theme’s that are
available from word press.  You can search through featured popular leaders or premium.
 If you’ve got a theme that you downloaded from somewhere else you can just click upload
theme at the top and upload it from your computer.  For this example, I’m going to use this
two simple theme.  I want you to find the theme that you’re going to use, just hover
over the theme and click install.  Word press is going to download and install the theme
automatically and all you need to do is click activate.  9:31 Now if we visit our site we’ll see that
the theme’s being changed and it now looks a whole lot better.  Now obviously we’re
going to want to add our first post and to do that you can either click add new at the
top and click post or else you can click on your blog title to go back to the dashboard.
 Then on the left-hand side you just want to click post and then up at the top click
add new.   9:57 This is the main post editor and you
can just type the title if you’re post in this top bar here.  So I’m just going to
type my first post and then here, this is known as the main content area and this is
where you can type any text that you want to appear on your post.  For a few more editing
options, you can just click this icon on the far right and that will give you the option
to add headings and things to your text.  10:23 To save some time in this tutorial
I’m just gonna quickly paste some text in here.  Then you just need to highlight the
text and you can change it to italics or bold or whatever you want.  You can also create
headings.   So say heading one, you just need to highlight the text and change this
drop down from paragraph to one of the different heading sizes.  To add and image you can
just click somewhere in the text where you want the image to appear, hit return on your
keyboard and then click the add media button at the top.  Then just click select files
to search for the image on your computer.  Once you find it just click open then on
the right-hand corner there will be a few different options, like alignment, link to
and size.  So you can change these and once you are happy just click insert into post.
 As you can see the image appears here and it will now be in your post when you publish
it.  Once you’re happy with your post you can just scroll up and click publish on the
right-hand side and your post will now be live. 11:34 To view your post you can just click
view post at the top and you’ll see that your post is now live with your different headings
and your text and your image.  If you scroll down there is no option at the bottom to leave
a comment so I’m now going to show you how to add the comments box to the bottom of your
post.  So you can just visit the post on your blog and click edit post at the top.
 Now on the right-hand side if you click screen options and check the box beside where
it says discussion and the box beside where it says comments. Now if you scroll down under
the main content area you’ll see these two boxes appear here.  If you just check these
two boxes, scroll up and click update.   Now when you view the post and we scroll down
we’ll see that there is a comments box at the bottom.  So now your viewers can just
type whatever they want in here and then click post comment.  And that’s it we’ve successfully started
our very own blog using word press.   12:36 I was really hoping the tutorial would
have been under ten minutes as I said at the start, it’s actually been about eleven and
a half total for the building of the blog.  but as you can see it doesn’t take very
long at all to get your very own blog up and running and you can hopefully start your very
own online business or help your offline business or do whatever it is you’re planning to do.
  12:58 I really hope you find this video useful.
 If you have please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel, we’ll keep releasing
more high-quality tutorials just like this one.  Once again I’m here with Web Design
101 and I hope you have a great day.