Hey guys, welcome to our YouTube channel and in
this video we’re going to go over the popular framework for building websites
that flow and how can be this can integrate into it and translate your
website into multiple languages. So we are on the landing page
and in order to get started, let’s switch into my websites, which is, this is my test of upside.
I launched on that flow. It has this uh, awkward sub domain
name. It’s branded by that Floyd’s. Since this is a free account
and in order to translate it, I need to create an account on conveyed
this.com and go into settings on this screen. I’m already into the settings
and this is my language switcher. It’s only in English. And on my free plan I can add
additional language. Let’s add Russian. And this is the show. More options to app. It depends on how deeply you want
to customize the widget. But yes, I can show you in this tutorial that you
can change rectangular flag to square flag to the preview how the image would
look like to a circle flag or without flex. Just to give you an example, and there are multiple customization
options such as change flap. You can, for example, replace
English with United Kingdom and your language switch are by
default, will be United Kingdom, English to Russian. So that’s
all for the customization. And here is your updated
Java script snippet code. You need to select it or click the
button you’ve copied to clipboard. There was a quick message
that shows that it’s copied. And then you have to go to
your dashboard, which is, this is my dashboard on blood-flow count
and I need to click on the multiple.dot dot under my project app
and go into settings. In the settings I need to locate
the tap, which has says custom code. And in this step obviously, uh, on a free plan, they did not
allow me to save changes. But if you are upgraded, you can use this DAP to place your
custom Java script code and publish your website. So once you’re on a free
plan, you can copy the code, this code here, save changes, and then click on publish and
published of upset to a live version. So that’s it for this tutorial.
If you have any questions, leave the comments down below and don’t
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