Hello Jackie Elton from Social Media
Lincs in my last video I was talking about how you edit your profile and
why it’s good for your business to complete your
profile in today’s video I want to show you how to tweet and give you some
ideas of what to Tweet about. There are several
different ways to do a tweet and I’ll show you those ways. Here we are on my home again for Social Media Linc so the first way we
can tweet is by clicking this button here. So here we have
140 and a tweet is 140 characters long a maximum of 140 characters long however the ideal tweet or the average
length for trait is between 100 and 120 characters long so you’ll see as I start to type in this
box that the 140 will change so here you can see that it’s actually going down so you know when you get to either a hundred sorry no when
you get to 40 or twenty that your are about at the right length. So I am just going to pause the video while I finish the tweet. So here we have the tweet I’ve just written and you can
see here we’ve got 40 characters remaining
so that would be a good length Tweet. If I had
actually already done the video then I might want
to include a link to that video in which case I could maybe fit it in there. Another tip for when
you’re doing Tweets is actually not to put a link at the
end of a tweet but to put it somewhere in the middle that make sense so then when you’re
ready to tweet that tweet you just click there. and we’ll tweet it so you can see where it goes So there you go. It is here. Then if we go to the tweets. The tweets it should also be the first one when it shows up, there we go and we have that there so we have shared it So another way to tweet is if you want to reply to somebody else Here I am on my notifications tab and I’m going to reply to Wendy Tomlinson that has been sharing some of my videos with people so if we click the reply then this box appears and it’s already
got the 2 people I’m chatting with, their user
names here see you don’t have to worry about putting those in so if I just type something again. So here
I’ve completed my tweet and yes it’s a bit
longer than the other one but that’s fine also by putting words before the first username it means it will be seen by
more people so we’ll tweet that. When you’re thinking about tweets and what to tweet always try and think about what value it gives to
people whether it’s increasing your engagement whether you’re helping somebody and things
like that because then people are more likely to follow you so the other way to do a tweet is to go to somebody’s profile We’ll use Wendy again here. We’ll go to their profile and here you can see there’s another button or tab where you can do a tweet to and there you go again the person’s user name comes up so you don’t have to
worry about remembering precisely what it is. When you’re doing a Tweet always insure that you do a space between the user name and your next
words so here where I haven’t left a space this won’t actually be give Wendy a notification because I’ve not got the right username
so always make sure you have a space so that the user name is in one colour and the message is in a different colour because this can make
a difference same with if you .. do miss out the space here, you can see that again the sunshine coach isn’t in a different
colour So before you tweet them always make
sure that any user names are a different colour to
the rest of the text so I’m back on my profile now and one of the questions I
get asked a lot by business people is what should they
tweet about so there is lots of things you can tweet about so here’s a selection of some of my recent tweets so this is the tweet I’ve just done that is thanking somebody and also sort of starting a conversation with this person so this shows that I am actually on Twitter that it’s not fully
automated and that people if they want to interact with me
will get a reply This is a tweet just saying what I’m
doing it would have been better if I had actually
got the video completed and added link there it would have been more useful. Here again I’m sharing a link with another of my Twitter profiles videos sharing this with somebody else that I thought might find it
useful thanking someone again and mentioning a petition that I am trying to promote for somebody and then here I’m doing some promotion about Lincolnshire as I went to a tourism event recently
so these are some tweets I think might be useful and then obviously promoting what
you’re doing and mixing up with up other retweets
this is a retweet So it doesn’t always have to be
tweets but just sharing content that you think your
followers will find useful. So I hope you found this video useful and my next video is going to be about how to build a following so if you like this then please
feel free to share it or ask me any questions that you have
following me again on Twitter on @socialmedialinc or on my
facebook page Social Media Lincs thanks very much