In this Quick Tip Tuesday, I’d like to discuss how you could use Canva to enhance your Twitter posts. First, let me pop over to Facebook and show you how a post shows up there as opposed to how it
would show up in Twitter. Here we are in Facebook. Entrepreneur has posted
on their page this post: 7 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Spark. When they make this post, it pulls the image that comes from
the site that this post is coming from. Now, the way that this post
looks over on Twitter…. Do you see it here? Here it is in the center:
7 Ways to Reignite Your Creative Spark. Kind of lost in the whole
slew of things, right? How about trying to add a photo
or some other type of clip art that would make this posting pop,
stand out from the crowd. Here’s how you do it. Using Canva, or, you first would click
on the Social Media tab. Now, yes, there are many tabs and
many things you can do with Canva, and I encourage you to explore it. It’s a great website. But, for today, we’re just talking about using Canva to enhance
your Twitter posts. Click on Social Media. Now you can begin to create. They have lots of layouts
that you can use, and pay attention here
at the bottom of each one where it says “Free,” or,
as you scroll further down, there are some that are paid,
like for instance this one. It will cost you money to use it. There are many free options. You can also click on
different background colors. Here are different designs. Again, these are free.
These cost $1 each. You can also choose a
plain color background. They have the primary colors as
well as, when clicking the plus sign, you can choose any type of
color within the color wheel. Let’s just go ahead and choose
this color it landed on. Now you can go ahead and add text. And again, here on these, there are little up and down arrows
next to the word “Abril Fatface,” and you can change the font
to anything you’d like. You can write here anything that
would add to your Twitter post. Maybe it’s a quote within an interview
that you had done, and so forth. Of course, you’re going to make this text something that’s relevant to the
tweet that you’re about to post. You can change the size
of the lettering here. There are little up and down
arrows and there are sizes, or you can actually just type in
the size that you want right in the box. There’s the color wheel for
the lettering of the font. This is a garbage can to get rid of it. And, if you click on this little down arrow, you can actually have the lettering
centered, flush left, or flush right. There are other things as well l
ike transparency and so forth. You could make the
letters semitransparent. You can also upload your own photos, as I have done and added text on top of photographs
that I’ve taken myself –and many, many more options. If I go to Search, you
can search the images. They also have available for you Grids, Frames, Shapes,
Lines, Illustrations, Icons, Photos, Charts,
and little I love Canva icons. Here you would just share or download. You can go ahead and click on Download, and it will download this to your computer. Then you can upload it back to the tweet to enhance your tweet
so that it will get noticed. I hope you found this video useful. Please be sure to
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