It’s easy to write content about sports, celebrities,
gossip. All those sexy topics? It’s so easy to write content about, but what
happens if you’re in a boring industry? How do you write content? Let’s say auto-insurance or even life insurance. Who wants to read articles about life insurance? You know what? You can write amazing content about boring
industries. Today, I’m going to teach you that. I once had a client called
and they’re like, “Neil, we want more back links, we want more traffic. We want to do content marketing. How can you help us?” I remember I was talking to the owner and
he’s just like, “Yeah, it’s really hard. I don’t think you can write anything that’s
going to go viral on life insurance.” I’m like, “You may thinks so, but I disagree
with that.” He’s like, “All right, give it a go.” I started doing some research. I went to sites like Reddit. I typed in terms like, “Life insurance.” Quickly realized, nothing really interesting
on Reddit about life insurance, but I started typing in related terms around life insurance
such as, “Money. Death,” and then I found a ton of ideas. One of the ideas was about things you didn’t
know about death. I was like, “Hmmm, let’s take this concept
and expand upon it.” I created an article called, “19 Things You
Didn’t Know About Death.” One of the interesting facts was, when someone
dies, they’re actually conscious for another 10 to 20 seconds. That’s one example of one of the 19 things
you didn’t know about death, right? Just think about that. You’re talking to a loved one, they pass away,
it sucks, I know that. I hope that doesn’t happen to you, but it
probably will. Happens to everyone in this world. They pass away, but did you actually really
know that they’re still conscious and they can hear and understand you for roughly 10
to 20 more seconds? There’s a ton of interesting facts like that. Even how roughly 100 people a year die by
chewing a pen. That’s crazy right? That actually shows the pen is mightier than
the sword. Use sites like Reddit and Buzzsumo to type
in terms and keywords related towards your field and it’ll show you what’s popular. You can also do this with Quora. This will all give you ideas for any industry
that you’re in. Just because something is boring, doesn’t
mean there’s not content around it. I remember a year ago, I was trying to install
a bidet in my house. I always wanted one and I’m like, “Why would
I pay a plumber to install a bidet? How hard could it be to install a toilet?” I Google, “How to install bidet.” You know what? I didn’t even find one relevant article that
taught me how to install a bidet. I wished I did. I ended up paying someone to do it for me,
but if I found an amazing article not only would I have read it, I would have shared
it out, tweeted it, et cetera. That’s boring, but yet it’s informational,
educational. People like that kind of stuff. You don’t have to create sexy content to do
well. You just have to create content that educates,
teaches to do well. If you’re not sure what to write about, use
Buzzsumo, Quora and Reddit. Type in keywords related to your space. They’ll all give you ideas. If someone has an article, like a list type
of article, that breaks down 10 ways or 12 ways to do X, Y, and Z within your space,
just make sure you expand upon it and create an article that has 50 ways, 100 ways. By going above and beyond, your article will
also do well even if you’re in a boring industry.