Huh. I think I should make a Tumblr account. Noooooo! Eh Tumblr? Hello! Hahahaha! Okay… Create account! Done! Uhm okay good! So I’ll post my first post. Which will be… Hey guys, I have Tumblr now! You have a reply! Nice! And unrealistically fast! Let me hear
it! How dare you say “Hey guys!” there are girls
here too you know! Oh no I was just using it as a collective
term of course. So I’ll just change it to “Hey guys and girls!” Uuh some people don’t identify with a gender
at all, so you are being rude! Oh yeah sorry. Well I didn’t actually know
that so I’ll change it to “Hey people”. Uuh but I don’t feel like a person sometimes,
I feel like a wolf so you are being very rude! Oh I’m sorry I didn’t actually know that was
a possibility. I’ll change it to “Hey everyone?” You are so rude, I bet you are a heterosexual
white male, those are always the most racist, homophobic and sexist! Uhm… Aren’t you being super racist and sexist
by saying that to me? Guys I am really not homophobic or racist
or sexist. I don’t care about the color of someone’s skin or whether they like guys or
girls. We’re all the same right? I respect everyone! Wait did you just say “guys and girls”? Yes? As in homosexuals, heterosexuals and bisexuals? Yeah yeah really! I respect everyone! Than how come you didn’t mention people who
are demisexual, pansexual, autosexual, gynosexual, etcetera?! Oh… Yeah… To be honest I didn’t know those
existed. I’m sorry… So typical! O… okay forget it. Tumblr! Show me some
interesting blogs! Well okay. How about this blog filled with
nudity! No! Ah you know what? I just finished watching
that cartoon Gravity Falls and there are a lot of hidden clues all over the place and
it’s pretty interesting. So show me some stuff about that! So you want to see posts about Gravity Falls? Yes! Rule 34? Well… I don’t really know what that means
so… okay? Here you go! Aaah! Why would you do that?! You know what?! Tumblr! Delete account! Noooooooo! Okay that website was NOT for me! I’ll just
try that other website people talk about. What was it called again? Oh yeah! 4Chan! Wow! Hello everyone it is me, LightFeather! Thank you so much for watching this new sketch
video! Have you had some annoying Tumblr experiences?
Please let me know in the comments because I love reading those! I actually don’t really Tumblr myself but
I do know a lot about the annoyances. If you are new here, I would love to have
you subscribe because I post sketches on Wednesday and talk bits opinion stories like that on
Saturday! Because on here it is all about being unique
and being yourself because that is the thing I try to promote! So thank you so much for watching, again. I don’t know why I’m doing this hand-thingy. Just be you-nique, you’re awesome the way
you are!