[Jake] We’re going to get the Lamborghini! [Logan] Where? [Jake] In Italy. [Logan] Okay. [Logan] So, so, so. [Logan] I got us all (Music) AYOOOOOO Good morning, Logang! What’s poppin? HI INJOY LIFE TIME Yet, another good day here on Logan Paul Vlogs! We’re– Oh god. Oh, hello! Hi! Did I get you? Did you think Kong was vlogging? NOPE! HE’S A DOG! be free Guys, it’s a weird morning. I’m not gonna lie. It’s like one of those days where everything is just like… DAB! You know what I mean? As you guys know in yesterday’s vlog I issued a challenge to uh Mr. Rice Gum AKA Bryan I said uh. YO If yesterday’s video gets a million likes and a million comments It looks like Rice and I would get in like a roast battle diss track thing? I don’t wanna do it. I warned him. I don’t do diss tracks, do kill tracks, cause I don’t, I don’t know the line. I’m not good at it. My feelings get hurt and then… RIP headphone users. *Intense and very loud noises* Do you know what I mean? BUT I have one thing on my mind and– Oh, hi! H-Hello! *Chuckles* i don’t know what it is but i swear to god he got cuter recently logang i’m a be honest with you For the longest time people would be like ‘Oh(Like) you really love your dog’ And i be like ‘No..No i don’t….i like him…but i don’t love him’ But now 100% fact , (like)i love this animal right here. But i gotta vlog so.Be Free. No but heres the one thing that has been on my mind OHHHHHHHH(*breaks plate casually*) CEREALLL!!!! I love cereal it’s been so long i just sit down (Music) can you cut the camera let me just point
out guys I started something with the cereal I got my man Brendan over there
chowing down on the same cereal it’s good right not to mention Lydia broke
Captain Crunch took us all home today dia and we got my boy calling it yo he’s
a savage that’s actually probably not good hey buddy I don’t know how you got
that but you can’t have it cuz you’ll die honestly I feel like the world’s my
oyster today like we could do anything bro we could what would you say that’s
such a good idea maverick said it not me I’m not a bad
guy i’m just a vlogger T-The physics of this entry are very hard (Music) *Mumbles incoherently* we need a house ASAP You Need To Stuff this thing with Merch which by the way yo
but you guys are eating up too much legitimately a movement of passionate
people working hard to follow their dreams I’m not going to get cheesy right
now but god damn that’s incredible don’t want to wake up Evan if you have not yet
get your Merch to look about like on slash shop or thing and description cereal is a cool part of this balance
for games disclaimer this is part of the reason we’re getting kicked out yes I
have the conscious choice to not do this but then how would I get subscribers (Thug Life) R.I.P Headphone users *Chuckles* It didin’t work Sorry Can’t Catch Up That’s My Boi I Don’t know how it got here I-i don’t know! Stop! He’s sleeping on my pillow No i’m not! He loves thinking about me when he sleeps Ouch Cmon dawg *Can’t catch up* Good vlog content Yeahhh No we have run out of CO2 bueno cuz I gotta launch the Merch canon
oh no that could have meant drugs anyways we need to get these refilled
Lydia okay maverick on her shoulder the first pace already and you refill these
co2 chamber cartridges cool that was easy to do list number one get co2 Lydia
is taking care of that number two yeah okay so I’m gonna get serious for a
second I am NOT getting the Lamborghini with my brother Knoll Ambrose the whole
like Jake pranking me all that stuff and I’ll explain but yeah okay first let’s
focus on this step number one point five we’re going to the store cuz Evan needs
a laptop yeah but why is the point five uh cool I sort of feel like I should
have sat down and done like a dramatic YouTube reveal and I’m not getting the
Lambo cuz it’s like kind of a big deal here’s the background if you guys do not
know cuz this this the whole decision to get a Lamborghini happened a while ago
first my brother Jake on my on my ski birthday tricked me told me he got me a
Lambo like multiple times it was cruel to just watch *Screams* Noooooooo No you didin’t actually Get Me A Lamborghini *Screams* OH SHIT OHHHHH *Laughs* Many People At Once:OHHHHHHH and then being the Maverick that I am I
was just acting on my feet I was like you Jake the only way I can get you back
right now is if I actually go out and buy a Lambo there’s only one way I can
come back from this and it’s if I say **** you Jake Paul and go out today and buy an actual lambo by the next
week actually went to the Lamborghini store and customized a 2018 Lamborghini
had a cotton perform on ten I had you guys comment and actually pick the color
for me like guys I like this car in I gave my thirty thousand dollars it back
here okay I’m gonna continue put down my thirty thousand dollar deposit guys like
this car is $350,000 I thought I was gonna get it I had merch made and
everything allowed Lambros merch because me and my brother were both getting
Lambo Lambos brothers Lambros it’s stupid I have my reasons which I’ll get
into shortly evan is reaching for our friends duty but anyways we are here at
the store heavens neither yeah Mac mac and cheese MacBook Pro that was funnier
than my joke I know this is the right decision look look here’s the thing when
you’re buying a piece of technology the important thing about you is that you
have a Rolex right exact cool so that’s that’s yeah that’s pretty that’s I don’t
know anything I’m so poor EULA you know what this is me either but it looks like
some sort of Wi-Fi connection think we need one of these for the new crib bro
you need that fast Wi-Fi we need that Wi-Fi that’s gonna make girls go she’s
still playing with it but she’s never see some Spain she’s never seen anything
like it I’m pretty sure they have Wi-Fi in Spain
mmm no am i racist does it make me racist if I don’t know if they have
Wi-Fi in Spain I’m in the clear right it’s a little bit it’s a little bit touchy touchy why is it what
no you die I love my Spanish audience like dude I want to go to Spain and say
what’s up to all you in the logang Bad News Bears it’s funny that it’s not
funny but Evan just said the word poor and about being poor it appears as if
Evans poor his account is locked and he can’t buy his Mac they used to do vine
and I’m a vlogger now so I have money look it closely on his phone
it says he’s on the phone with his mother are you why you saying no you
know it’s gonna make this better if we spread out and make it look like he’s
alone it’ll be hilarious hi sweetie let’s waste my time what Evan
Evan you all you buy for you bro yeah just pay me back
I’m your amigos yeah see that proves that Amex don’t get the client a roommate a Rolex it’s he’s too poor oh I
love my roommate back with frogs he’s too poor cuz Evans that poor it just Vai
died and things went downhill from there the crib oh you owe me $4,000 but it’s
okay Logan I’m not even trippin because by the way Judi you can get your
merchant lowball number two though is what we should addressed no Lambo it’s
kind of sad Jake’s gonna have a Saturday action when I tell them but here’s why
guys it’s just not the move from by the way I’ve lived here for like six months
I don’t think I’ve ever sat here anyways here’s why it’s not the move for me one
listen this is the biggest thing I’m not like a huge car guy like I like trucks
and cars and driving fast and I don’t know if you guys know this but Jake is
obsessed with cars like I remember once we were talking about like what we want
to do when we’re older and his answer was like dude I just want to drive cars
obviously like he wants to do more stuff than that but like that’s like he just
loves driving beep Logan Logan Paul not so much having Lambo is cool but I
wouldn’t love the Lambo because it was a Lambo my rush my high would be getting
it because like I’m 22 and like it’s not something I should be doing but screw it
cuz it’s kind of a risk which like isn’t a good reason to get a 350 thousand
dollar VM and then I was like yo I can put this money towards a house like a
dope house that we live in and and that’s what I did which by the way I
cannot wait to show you guys it’s like like like literally staying in here
right now pisses me off like I find myself just
hitting the table I’m like a new boy surprise he’s number three I bought the
4×4 G Wagon squared the Yeti you guys do you guys know the love of it I’m just
going to say I think I was trying to say you guys
know and love the Yeti yes like I got a dope vehicle by the time you guys see
it’s gonna be even dope or why do I need a Lamborghini
anyways Jake I’m sorry bro here’s why this is also a big deal since the Lambo
is our 2018 hadouken Jake and I were planning on flying to Italy together to
pick them up at the Lamborghini Factory pretty much like as soon as they were
done in the production we were gonna make a big thing out of it spend like a
week there vlogging maybe go to the what’s what’s the really fast highway
called the Autobahn the Autobahn then I found out they’re not gonna let us drive
them in Europe because you need like a special license or something just so
many reasons so I’m going to Jake’s house right now tell them I have a
surprise I’m just gonna tell him like I bought it I got us all like first-class
tickets to Italy and then I’m gonna say just kidding also I’m not gonna
Lamborghini he’s gonna be devastated I am again I’m sorry Jake okay so
apparently Jake is not allowed to film in his old house so this is like the new
team 10-ounce it still feels and sounds very ratchet bro this is chaos stuff we
can’t film at our house yeah what happen I don’t know why that happened really
yeah alright so a fairly little brother lost a couple of brain cells in the past
day or two it was when I fell on stage at the Teen Choice yeah I just I just
wanted silence because uh they’re kind HI AVERY ONE of like little rascals in there bro out
there okay what are you doing here I came to
surprise you I came with a surprise yeah came bearing okay I’m gonna tell you
what’s something okay what’s something you have we have coming up that’s like
kind of big deal we’ve been planning for a while we’re
gonna get the language in his square in Italy okay so so so okay I got it all
first-class tickets your crew and my crew we got the hook-up first-class
ticket Italy there and back okay no we should take a seat for this
this is kind of big deal yeah come on this is your title and thumbnail cuz I
feel like it is yes yep this is a little difficult for me
mm-hmm the energy is good right now spirits are high I feel like I might
might set up a little bit I am NOT getting a Lamborghini with you I’m just kidding I know what actually yo
if you buy mine they’ll give me my security deposit back I’m not getting a
f*****g Lamborghini Jake i’m dead serious this is real I’m backing out he’s so I know Jake
he’s so flustered he can’t even not make a joke and just piss what do you think
what’s going through my eyes one no cuz you bought a house I bought a house I
use the money to buy a house got a Yeti bro I already have a cool car
I’m not a biggest car guy as you bro yep cool just taking it all out there yeah I
know I see we’ve been planning this for a while six months now yeah it’s a
really big view actually I had to say one thing
you’re a bitch it’s kind of right guys he’s kind of right he’s just a public
announcement PSA I’m I’m no longer getting a Lamborghini with my brother
so no more Lambros no more Lambros so everyone who bought those shirts give
them all in refund it’s just lamb bro it’s Jake if you guys
cover the s like you can just do J kind of take Paul family I’m going to pottery class budget you
are a bitch okay so uh he’s upset I can tell cuz he
just kept making jokes like not one point he’s like ah and that’s like my
defense mechanism to I just like make comedy out of everything especially when
it gets serious feel bad but just like it’s just not the move for me and I
realized that it’s just it’s not it’s not me bro with that said looking that
is the vlog there are people I don’t know how they found this house already
but if you’re not a part of the low gang make sure to subscribe you’re growing
every day we are the strongest family on YouTube and that’s something I like I’m
proud of it y’all should be too do not forget guys don’t be afraid to be
different be passionate be unique and be a maverick logang I love y’all and I
will see you tomorrow merch link in description take it easy Ben booth well
you asked for it that’s not my fault did you come forward
no not at all Really (F***) *Outro Music…. Merch link in description (Don’t Forget To SMASH The Like Button