– [Voiceover] Dear BuzzFeed. Hi my name is Chris Sawey, and right now I’m a man in transition. After graduating college in May of 2013 and moving across the country
to search out new work opportunities in a new city, my car was broken into during my road trip and my most important
valuables were stolen. But perhaps what stung the most was my laptop full of all my resumes and professional portfolios
that I use to get work. With no real way to prove
my worth to employers, finding work was proving
to be, well, challenging. Despite my circumstances, life continued and the bills and rent kept coming. I was burnt out, exhausted, and depression was taking over like
you would not believe. Undoubtedly, my childhood
experiences spent growing up in foster care and in various children’s homes prepared me well for navigating through
tough circumstances. One night, I had this idea. I made a list of my monthly
expenses and what I though to be quote, necessary spending,
food, gas, cell phone bill, car insurance, and saving
for the future, that’s it. I removed everything from my
car and I studied the space. This was my best option to get ahead. I decided I was gonna live out of my car. Jokingly, I called it Hotel
Prius, but the name stuck. It was challenging at
first but the truth is, you just get used to it. Having the mobility to go anywhere means I can keep my options open to say yes to opportunities as
they present themselves. What’s that, a job in the northeast? On my way. You never know what could happen but with Hotel Prius I stay ready. While on the road I get
asked a ton of questions. The biggest, where do I shower? Gyms. No matter where I go I can usually find a gym from 10 to 25 dollars a month. Plus I can work out, use the wifi, and if I’m lucky, use the pool. Okay, so where do you park? Anywhere I want, just as long as I stay within the local laws. It only took one trespassing ticket for me to learn my lesson. Okay, maybe three. But honestly, when people see a lone Prius in the parking lot, no one thinks, “Hey, I wonder if someone’s
sleeping in there?” because come on, it’s a Prius. What fits in my car? I have a soft bed. I have a closet, black-out
curtains, a desk, kitchen table and chair, a pantry, a bike, a laundry basket,
travel kit for emergencies. I even mounted a solar panel for harnessing free
electricity during the day and charging my phone at night. I also have a bathroom if
you count the nearby tree. Okay, so what do you do for work? I help open restaurants. Essentially, I’m a glorified
server and server trainer. It’s in no way consistent or stable, but it keeps me busy, keeps me fed, and allows me the mobility
and money to keep traveling. My depression has disappeared and life is providing me
with the kind of challenges I just love to work out and solve. Life feels real and organic
and best of all, simple. What started as a one month experiment to get ahead and catch up on life after a turn for the worse, turned into over a year of so much more than I could
have ever hoped or imagined. This is that adventure. Thanks for reading, guys. Chris Sawey, Hotel Prius. (slow piano music)