MINDY MIKLA: The age difference is 30 years between us exactly but we seem to love everything that’s the same. I realised that maybe I do want to have a child, it’s complicated. DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: Are you going to cause a pregnancy? That’s the stretch. MINDY MIKLA: So yeah, so I had a mild fender bender traffic crash and the funny thing was, is, I don’t know, I think I have a thing for a man in uniform. I was totally thinking, “Oh my Gosh, I wonder if the officer is going to be really cute?” And Larry, he popped out of the car and I was like, “Oh well he’s cute, but like, he’s a little too old for me.” And we just had to keep in contact for the police report and I just fell, quick. Really it started out with a bunch of calls and texts and we got really close, really fast. There was no stopping it. Once it happened, there was no stopping it and boom, here we are. LARRY MIKLA: You got stuck with me.
MINDY MIKLA: I know, yeah, but I’m glad. LARRY MIKLA: I’m happy. MINDY MIKLA: Thanks. Now everybody’s going to make sure I do it. Now I have to jump in. Oh Gosh! LARRY MIKLA: Oh that’s cold. MINDY MIKLA: That’s like life advice though, just jump in and do it.
LARRY MIKLA: Yeah. MINDY MIKLA: Just do it. LARRY MIKLA: You look at me and you look at her and you realise there’s the age gap and that thought process didn’t even really register initially, it was, “Oh wow!” LARRY MIKLA: For everything to snowball, and get to the point where we’re sitting here now having been married for a couple of years, year and a half.
MINDY MIKLA: God, yeah. LARRY MIKLA: I’ve won the lottery. MINDY MIKLA: The age difference scared me and I was terrified of what everybody else would think and now it doesn’t matter. People still look, people stare at us, sometimes people make comments. It doesn’t really bother us now. But it did. MINDY MIKLA: So my family was the hardest to tell just because I was afraid of what they would think. I did eventually tell them all. JIM PUTT: Concerns that I possibly had were the difference in the ages, what’s going to happen with financial stability going down the road? Who’s going to be taking care of who? JULIE PUTT: There’s a difference between someone at 20 and 50 which is where their current age gap is in their 20s and 50s compared to being married and then all of a sudden it’s 50s and 80s. And that is a little concerning because you’re in a different place in your life. You know, you’re going to be more of a caregiver when you are kind of, in a prime zone possibly. I was very concerned about them, her not having children and perhaps being alone. Plus he’s older than us so, what if we are all gone? MINDY MIKLA: So my brother Jimmy, he took it the hardest with Larry and I being a couple and it really upset me because I was expecting him to take it totally different. I just thought that he would accept it and understand. JAMES PUTT: She did not tell me the age gap, so it was a bit of a shock for me walking into the house, and see a 50 year old dude with your sister who is 24 like, “What is going on right now?” Didn’t like him at all at first. It was just definitely weird. Plus all my friends would constantly say like, “Yo, your sister’s like, so beautiful, what is she doing with someone so much older than her? Does he have money?” He’s not rich and he’s older. Man like, at least get a Bill Gates or something so I can get a boat out of this. I need something. There was none of that. However, it turns out he is a great guy. CHARLES PUTT: It seemed to me like, they like the same things. CHARLES PUTT: I had no troubles with that. I’m just glad they managed to get together. MINDY MIKLA: So I have a YouTube channel and actually for the first year I did not mention Larry at all. I kept it all Harry Potter related and beauty related. I didn’t want anybody to know just because the world is, it’s kind of, judgy. Usually I’m surrounded by Harry Potter merchandise and I’ll just get ready and I’m looking at it and talking about it and it’s kind of how we do it. MINDY MIKLA: My husband is the fixer-upper and the builder, not me. MINDY MIKLA: So I didn’t bring him up in my videos at all and people got really curious about us and when I did finally bring him up, people were so supportive. Are you nervous? LARRY MIKLA: No. MINDY MIKLA: Ok, ready? One, two, three, is my number one most requested video for literally the last.. Obviously as you can tell we do have an age difference. I had so many lovely supportive comments, which made me so happy because I don’t want to hide Larry. Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be a Harry Potter haul. MINDY MIKLA: Larry has had a vasectomy. Actually he had it almost around the year I was born, which is kind of funny, and before we got married I completely knew that he couldn’t have children and I was ok with it. We had talked about it. Larry didn’t really want to have children. He was retiring and I was ok with that and then about a month before we got married, I went into panic mode, thinking, “This is what I’m supposed to do, I’m getting married now. I’m supposed to have a family.” And the urologist that we are going to see, his name is Dr. Stein, right? He specialises in reversal. So he’s not just a urologist, he specialises in the reversals and the vasectomies. We’re meeting him basically to see if the reversal is even an option for us. MINDY MIKLA: Feeling a little nervous about the appointment. I’m excited to hear what they’re going to say but I’m nervous for the outcome. DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: You had one child with a prior partner? LARRY MIKLA: Yes. DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: You had a vasectomy after that one? LARRY MIKLA: Yes DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: 25 years ago. Now you’ve been together for a long time, seven years? MINDY MIKLA: Yeah.
DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: And why did you wait so long? MINDY MIKLA: Right before we got married, I was ok with not having children. DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: I always say, if you knew that this was going to work and that, but that you were going to give birth to a 14 year old, would you still want to do it? MINDY MIKLA: I probably would but knowing myself as a 14 year old, that’s scary. DR. DOUGLAS STEIN: Are you going to have sperm in your semen? I think you probably are. Are you going to cause a pregnancy? That’s the stretch. In other words, over the 25 years despite that nodule has there been anything else going on? They”re here for a baby so you’re evaluating a couple. You’re not just evaluating one male. She has a pretty high likelihood of getting pregnant by virtue of her youth with artificial insemination using donor sperm. Maybe even if he got sperm back, if his semen quality wasn’t as great as it might have been before his vasectomy, she has a better chance than would a 37 year old partner. And then Larry is in pretty good health otherwise so he’s a pretty good candidate whether he wants to take on the challenge of a child when he’s 57. Only he can determine whether that’s something that he wants to be part of his later years. MINDY MIKLA: We’re looking at a $6,000 procedure with a recovery. MINDY MIKLA: But even then if he can’t connect it, it still isn’t going to guarantee the point he was trying to get at. It still will not guarantee that the sperm is going to actively flow through gravity. So you’re looking at a $6,000 cost with potential loss, the procedure not being effective. Versus, I guess using a sperm donor which is $2,000 and it is going to work. So he had brought up to Larry that the other options would be, if it’s not worth it to do the vasectomy, the other options would be to use a sperm donor or to adopt. It wouldn’t be your child. LARRY MIKLA: It’s something I need to research. I just don’t have all the answers. I would have questions but I would need to research that before we went any further.
MINDY MIKLA: Yeah, which is understandable. MINDY MIKLA: When we go out in public, I used to get so nervous about holding his hand in public or kissing him in public or doing anything in public. So when they see us touching, holding hands, just something as simple as that, it creates a problem which used to scare me a lot. Now it doesn’t. I’m used to it. LARRY MIKLA: We went to home depot to buy boxes to move things. MINDY MIKLA: Oh yeah.
LARRY MIKLA: And we got to the checkout line and the cashier said, “Oh it’s so nice, Dad is helping you get boxes so you can move your things to college.” MINDY MIKLA: Honestly, I was 25 and she thought I was in high school graduating and Dad is helping me pack up for college and I was like, “Well, no.” LARRY MIKLA: If it works, we’ll go with that.
MINDY MIKLA: Yeah. LARRY MIKLA: I waited 50 years for Mindy. I don’t know how long the ride is going to last for but it was worth the wait. MINDY MIKLA: At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. You have to follow your feelings. LARRY MIKLA: Yeah.