And we are back with another New World video. This time I’m going to be going over the housing
details that they posted in a dev blog post on the official website on the 20th of February. So I’m going to go through the housing dev
blog and then show you guys some pretty telling stuff from the recently posted IGN article
about the game. So first up the facts and then the opinions
to follow if you want to stick around for that. Making your mark on Aeternum: Player Housing
is the title of the blog. Home Ownership 101
Every settlement has a variety of houses available for purchasae, the houses can have multiple
owners which does mean it is instanced housing. Basically it works exactly like black desert
online’s housing system, you walk up to the property and you see it as your own but you
can access a menu and see everyone else’s property and enter theres to visit if you
like. Houses in New World support up to a full player
group of five players inside at a time. All you have to do to have people visit your
house is have them in a group with you. In order to be eligible to own a home, you
must first raise your standing with that settlement’s territory. To raise your standing in the territory you
wish to live in, you will have to do daily activities in that territory such as killing
creatures, completing faction missions, working on town projects and crafting items. Once you have a high enough standing and your
character is level 20 or above, you can unlock the ability to own a home in that territory’s
settlement. If you want to own more than one house you
can do that. As long as you meet the requirements for house
ownership in a territory and do not own the maximum number of houses you’ll be able to
buy another one. Next up Housing Variety
Houses have different sizes, features and costs. Some houses overlook the town center, some
have balconies that look over the walls of the settlment. Some have exterior areas for decoration, some
have a front or back porch. Different locations and styles in each settlement. Settlements also have distinct aesthetics
with different house designs and interior floor plans from each other. Personalizing your home
After buying a house you can personalise it. They have added hundreds of items for you
to do this with. Tables, chairs, garaden plants, hanging vines
etc. Pieces of furniture and ornaamental items
can be craafted by players and purchased while other items must be found by exploring and
looting the world. You can even find pets to bring home with
you. House Keeping
Once you have a house you must pay a small property tax to maintain it. This tax is paid to the controlling company
of the settlment. Failing to pay the tax won’t get you evicted
from the house but it will stop mechanics like house recall and trophy buffs from being
used by you. Also while you can still visit your decorated
house while the tax is unpaaid, you can’t rearrange your decorations now and your house
also won’t be eligible to be displayed to others. More on that below apparently. Rewards of Home Ownership
Once you own a house you’ll be able to use it as a recall point. Aeternum is a vast land and the ability to
recall home over great distances is a powerful one. In addition to the recall ability it’s possible
to create powerful magical decorations that give your character buffs when they are placed
on display in your home. The trophies can do things like give you an
advantage in combat against particular enemy types or improve your crafting abilities. Eacah house can only have a limited amount
of trophies on display at a time so you will need to change them based on which advantags
you want to have at any one time. There are also social benefits. When you pass through a settlement you can
see homes owned and decorated by other players. There is a competition held in the houses
to see which house is displayed by default. By decorating your house well and earning
a lot of territory standing your house will get shown off to other people who do not own
that same house as you do. You can even see where you stand against other
players that own that same house who you are competing with. Building a community
When a player finds a place to call home in a settlement they are joining a community
of allies, crafters, addventurers and even adversaries. Players can invest in making their house in
Aeternum feel like a home with furniture and decorations, pets, trophies for the buffs
etc. We hope that our players’ homes become special
to them not only as a familiar place to return to after an exciting adventure but also as
a place to share with friends and show off to others. Okay so that’s the housing system that they
have in the game. To be honest this might get old for you guys
to listen to because it seems like everytime they release news on this game I’m just bashing
it…But honestly I am not doing this as some kind of hate bias against the game. Just I was following the game for years and
it seems each system they present now is just rushed and out of place. So if you don’t like hearing someone talk
negatively about something that you want to only hear positives about, this is the time
to leave. I feel like people think I for some reason
have some kind of vested interest in seeing this game fail which is just frankly ridiculous. So I’ll defend myself for 30 seconds here,
I make mmorpg videos. So I actually have every reason for wanting
mmorpg games to be successful because that means I’ll get more views. I have absolutely no reason to want games
to fail, sure I might get a few views short term on talking about it failing but it pales
in comparrison to long term success. On top of that, look at the like to dislike
ratio on my new world videos. You think talking negatively about a game
and not remaining neutral is good for gaining subscribers? It just flat out isn’t true or logical to
think I’m being bias or negative for views. I’m being negative because I am of the opinion
that these changes are mostly bad, there’s nothing more to it than that really. So let’s go. I am not a fan of instanced housing, that
being said…I’d rather have instanced housing than no housing. The fact this system seems to be a direct
port of black desert online’s housing system though is one of the most confusing parts
of it for me. The whole competing to get the best housing
score if you’ve played BDO results in people spamming the highest score item possible in
their houes and making it look like an absolute abomination to do it. It also opens up the P2W factor of having
cash shop items be worth more interior points than other items. Now granted if the only bonus in New World
for having the best house or whatever is purely cosmetic that isn’t a big issue and of course
we have no idea they will sell cosmetic housing items that contribute to this in the cash
shop…But it’s an mmorpg and it is a buy to play box price game…So it is a valid
point to raise as a legit concern down the line because if you look at the pre-order
of the game it already has an in game item in the package. So they are definitely not 100% safe from
selling in game items as that sets a dangerous precedent that I don’t see people talking
about often. In terms of the actual system of the houses,
it again just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Having you maintain ownership of multiple
houses and just not have access to a few features of them for not paying tax seems like they
originally had the idea of kicking you out which would make sense…I mean if you don’t
pay tax why should you own land right? But they didn’t want to upset people yet again
with any form of actual reprecussions for their actions so they came up with this idea. I will say that player housing usually implies
ownership and instanced housing that you don’t even have to pay taxes on to continue owning
does not sound like ownership to me. It just sounds like another half hearted system
to be honest. I also am not a fan of recalling in games,
if this was still an open world sandbox with risk versus reward, a long recall with a loud
noise wouldn’t be so bad…But in one that has opt in pvp , having a recall skill just
seems like another thing that takes away from the open world aspect of the game that they
have seemingly built for and then neglected time and again down the line. Just my take though I’m sure ppeople who are
just looking at this as a time saving mechanic are liking the idea and I get that. We’re not all purists and want things to make
sense, sometimes people just want ease of use which is fine of course. So since that is out of the way. I want to go over a few lines of text out
of the recently published IGN article on new world. This article is written by a guy called David
Jagneaux, sorry buddy I’m probably butchering your name. Now this article comes at the same time as
a bunch of others and listen to this because it’s the best part. Amazon brought in a bunch of journalists from
big publications to go to their studio in Irvine California to play the game. Which if you’re clued up on how main stream
game journalism works, usually means they are pretty locked in to provide positive or
neutral coverage of games because that’s just how it works. It’s basically quid pro quo. Just like how an NDA works, you’re being provided
something and in turn you provide something of value back. In this instance, they provide you with an
exclusive look at the game, an exclusive opportunity to talk about things that others can’t due
to NDA and in return you are expected in an unwritten, unspoken agreement to generally
give the game a good outlook. If you think I’m being unfair to game journalism,
ask yourself why even the worst of AAA games out there get moderately decent scored reviews? It’s because if you piss off a company by
bashing their game, they won’t give you preview copies, interviews etc in the future…It’s
just how the business works guys. So it’s really telling that this game is in
a really bad spot, when every single one of the articles I’ve seen, even from companies
that have a history of essentially prettying up bad projects are talking badly about New
World. So if you want to read this whole article
and the others I suggest you do but it can be summed up like this. They like the aesthetic, they like the world,
they like the pvp combat…But the game has no identity and all the PvE is mindlessly
boring and mundane. I suggest you read the whole article just
so you see I’m not cherry picking quotes here but I’ll read you the conclusion just now
because I don’t want to go over the whole thing in a video since it will take at least
a 10+ minute video on its own. At one time he states in the exact words “PvE
felt lifeless, uninspired, and unoriginal.” The conclusion at the end of the article. “As it stands, New World feels like it’s
struggling to find its identity. As a response to alpha concerns from fans,
Amazon walked back many of its PvP-centric ideas to accommodate a wider range of players,
but the end-game still seems to revolve around faction disputes and territory Wars which
will inherently be driven by PvP conflict. But ultimately since the path to reach this
PvP-focused end-game is a one-way road littered with monotonous PvE content, I’m not sure
how many people will stick it out. Granted, I only got to try the game out in
two relatively quick spurts equaling less than six hours total, but when you combine
that with the interviews and presentations packed into that same day, I feel like I’ve
got a well-rounded idea of what this game aims to be, and more importantly, what this
game actually is. If the PvP side of things can live up to its
promises it may convert me into a believer purely on the depth and intensity of its combat
and inter-faction disputes alone. But until I see more creativity from the PvE
side of things or a clearer picture of what the path to end-game actually looks like,
I’m not sure it can hold my interest long enough to get there.” Another really good quote from within the
article is this one “It was obvious to me that New World is built around PvP at its
core.” So basically, exactly what I’ve been saying
about the game for months now, with somewhat a large majority of agreement but these new
world videos do get like 20% or more dislikes which is unusual, mostly from people claiming
the game is actually better now that it is pve based. Yet everyone I’m seeing who has played the
game, literally only likes the pvp elements and they are too few and far between. The pve systems are bad and won’t hold the
attention of the pve crowd and the pvp systems are so inherently restrictive due to power
dynamics and how only 50 people in a company can participate which means casuals will not
be allowed unless on the attacking side and likely get dominated for allowing casuals
instead of having pvp minded good skilled players…It basicaally means that as I’ve
said from day 1 of these changes, the pve crowd they are focusing will not play this
game. If you think I’m biased, that’s fine. But look at what everyone else is saying,
even people who have a vested interest in keeping the company on their good side are
saying it isn’t good. I’m not sure what other proof we need at this
stage to say this is currently a very rocky project that likely needs to be delayed massively,
at least 6-12 more months to get it into the position it needs to be…Or it will likely
be a very poor launch. That being said, as always, I will keep up
with the developments of the game and I’ll still play it and give it every opporunity
to surprise me and go into it as I always do with as little bias as humanly possible. I look forward to more news from the game
and hope it’s as good as it can be. Thanks for watching,
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