Why isn’t there something about me in the game? I’m a huge part of the game Everybody knows who I am oh god… lol haha like what? xD a Herobrine biome? or a Herobrine block or even a Herobrine gamemode xD lololol Why was he laughing at the thought of those ideas? I don’t undetsand.. Those ideas were epic! Why was he making fun of them? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I GOT IT!! I WILL ADD A HEROBRINE GAMEMODE INTO THE GAME! And I have the perfect plan! First I’ll walk to the Mojang office… Then I’ll disguise as one of them Then I’ll carefully sneak in… This is normal. I am blending in UHHHHHHHHHHHH You look familliar Have I seen you before? uhm.. of course not, what are you talking about? ok… Then, I’ll think of a smart way to lure them out HEY EVERYBODY! THEY’RE GIVING AWAY DEADBUSHES NEXT-DOOR Finally, I’ll go to Notch’s computer and add my very own gamemode! This plan is perfect! There’s no way it can fail! The next day.. uhm… What was i supposed to do? I FORGOT THE PLAN!! oh well (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) Everything went according to plan! If a Herobrine Gamemode Was Added If a Herobrine Gamemode Was Added -Made By Orepros If a Herobrine Gamemode Was Added -Made By Orepros *Remember to leave a ‘like’ πŸ˜€ At last… The Herobrine gamemode has been added! Time to try it out! One second… I need to type in a little command wow… It worked!! I’M IN THE HEROBRINE GAMEMODE! I CAN DO SO MANY THINGS NOW! I have to tell everyone about it! I’ll make an announcement Everyone will come! πŸ˜€ Later… Hello everybody! I’m happily introducing.. ..the Herobrine gamemode! Basically it’s like creative mode but you can only use griefing tools When you left click you will place and activate TNT, and with right click you shoot fireballs! nobody loves you not even me oh well… I guess I’ll just set everybody into the Herobrine gamemode. 2 minutes later (Upbeat Music Plays) 5.34 minutes later On man, I can’t wait to go home huh? What happened here? Something feels different… Have they changed the decoration? (screeching noise) (Upbeat Music Plays) The herobrine gamemode would cause so much trouble xD Leave your video idea as a comment below and you can be responsible for the next video THANKS FOR WATCHING THANKS FOR WATCHING -Remember to leave a ‘like’ πŸ˜€ *SUBSCRIBE