mobs would make minecraft way easier (Guy Walking) yay iron! 😀 (Mining) yay diamonds! 😀 (Mining Again) (Mining Still) (Still.) Now I can make that diamond sword! 😀 Please mr.creeper, dont hurt me D: (Giving) Thanks! :DD (Jumping) If Monsters Were Nice (BYOREPROS) THERES A PIG yay, I finally got minecraft!:D Now It`s Time To Have Fun! :DD Im Gonna Find A Dead Bush And Im Gonna Live With It!:D (Walks Away) (walking still) whaaaa! Please kind skeleton don’t hurt me D: I have serious stuff to do with my life Theres a deadbush somewhere out there and its looking for me! (Same Stuff) | Dont worry, I Wont here have this nice bow 😀 (LOL) K thx bye WALKING You! You’d better go away from my village Or I’ll have to call my iron golem! Don’t worry, I’m here to help 😀 wut??? (planting) (still planting) (INFINITY PLANTING) Whos that guy over there? (SCREAMZZZ) (Intense music) I think he lost me… Don’t worry, I’m gonna give you diamonds!:D yay! :DD (INTENSE ADVENTURING MUSIC) (Pig man grunt) (SWORDSLASH) Time to get rid of that pigman Stop that! Why? Becuase I’m good from now on Here, have some stuff:D (Gives items) (ARE THOSE CHICKEN NUGGETS?) … Leave your video idea as a comment below and you can be responsible for the next episode. SUBSCRIBE PLZ bye