What’s your final destination? How long will you be staying in the United States? What is the purpose of your visit? Where will you be staying? How much currency are you carrying with you? Who packed your bag? Do you have anything to declare? Do you have any electronical or metal objects in your bag? Can I sit by the window? Where to go to the passport control? Go straight to the end of passageway How to get to the other terminal? Where can I go down? How to get out of here? Where is the exit? Where do I find the check-in counter? Where can I change money? Where can I find the baggage reclaim? Where can we leave our baggages? I missed the New York connection If this flight is cancelled will the airline refund this? What can I do if I lost my flight connection? vocabulary air hostess alight attatch aisle boarding pass board booking office board the plane currency cancellation destination departure departure lounge descend escalator elevator expire extend entry exit excess weight exceed fasten the seat belts forced landing fill in the custom declaration green channel go through the custom control go to the check in counter have a drink in the transit lounge hand luggage lost property office left luggage office locker luggage rack miss one’s connections on board the plane pay an excess fare queue up at the passport control and custom clearance register at the check-in counter reclining seat refreshment stairs turn left turn right trunk, hold all tag valid Thank you for your attention Spanish Workbook Don’t forget to Subscribe ! Spread the word ! Learning Zone Like * Comment * Share