Band plays
‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ That new statue. This is an unbelievably aggressive,
lively pressing and counter-pressing team, completely different, so we have
not to improve from the last game, we have to find a completely different
way to play against them. Thank you, Johnny, see you after the game. Is this the last game at three o’clock? – Happy New Year.
– Absolutely. Jordan, how are you, mate? Jordan, good to see you, you all right? Alisson! Alisson! APPLAUSE FANS SHOUT OUT Thank you very much, see you in a bit. Hello. Start well. Early doors. Enjoy the game, boys.
Enjoy playing together. – Who we waiting on?
– Think it’s Ox. Ready? Come on. Mo. Let’s go, boys. VIRGIL: Come on, boys,
let’s do this, come on! ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk alone. ♫ FANS: Ohh! ♫ Henderson, Henderson, Henderson! ♫ Jordan, Jordan Henderson… ♫ ♫ Henderson, Henderson, Henderson! ♫ ♫ We’re gonna win the league,
we’re gonna win the league ♫ Now you’re gonna believe us,
now you’re gonna believe us ♫ Now you’re gonna believe us… ♫ Hello! Congratulations. How are you, mate, you good? – I’m all right, yeah!
– I’ll just grab a finger. Congratulations, another big win and that was
quite the turnaround from the first half. What did the boss say to you at half-time? Erm… We got ourselves in a few problems
by making mistakes, and they’re dangerous on the counter-attack,
that’s what they do. Ingsy, we know what he can do,
Long up front as well, both quick, both looked sharp today. Fortunately for us
they didn’t take their chances and it gave us a chance to come in
at half-time still in the game, we knew we had to come out
a lot better and I think we did. I imagine it’s mixed emotions, because
your side played pretty well today. How are you? I’m better knowing we don’t
have to play you again! Hello, you OK? Congratulations. Your first Liverpool hug. That was some turnaround, must have been
some team talk you gave at half-time. So it was just about football, we had to
change a few football things, Pete found three really good situations
to show where we were going wrong. If we do that right, then immediately
it’s more difficult for Southampton. When the boys are rolling, then they are
rolling, and against an incredibly strong side, winning 4-0 is really something special.