Hi, I’m Susana and in today’s video I want to show you
the project I did to give to Beatriz, at Christmas The project is a very simple notebook made with white sheets bound in the Cinch and embellished with the paper
collection Dream Big by Simple Stories Beatriz is a teenager who really likes crafts so I filled this notebook with treats, materials and the notebook became an Happy Mail Before showing you the notebook (or the Happy Mail) I’ll show you what Beatriz gave to me this box a surprise box explosive but the purpose was to tear this strip there is a perforation here to get the surprise but I couldn’t do it so I cheated and opened it here and it worked the same and the surprise that jumped out of here together with the confetti was this cube with pictures of me with my mother and Maggie Beatriz, if you see me I really liked your gift and I hope you also liked mine and now I will show you the notebook I take this opportunity to say goodbye thousand kisses to all f you and see you next time!