This is Ben from Life in 360 and this
Insta360 One review was shot entirely with the Insta360 one. There’s been so much hype around this camera and people are wanting to know: is it as epic as they
say it is? So in this video I’m going to tell you everything you need to know
about the Insta360 One, who it’s for and whether you should buy it. The camera design of the Insta360 One is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You can use it
in many different ways and the first thing that stood out to me in my
unboxing video was the fact that the lenses are on different planes, we’ve got
one up the top and one in the middle there. In my experience it hasn’t
really affected the image but it’s pretty funny looking don’t you think? You’ll
also see that there’s quite a significant gap in between the lenses.
This is maybe twice as thick as some of the other cameras like the Xiaomi and
the Theta V. Because of this there is gonna be be way bigger stitching errors and you
should stay way the hell away from the seam line unless you like the mutant
look. You like having half your face chopped off which suits me but it may
not suit everyone so you might want to avoid that. Otherwise with the design
there are many features that I actually do like. Unlike the Nano that had the
permanent lightning port you can see it has a pop-up port just there. So that’s
really handy because it means you can use it with your phone or without and it
just clicks away and that’s really handy. I like that a lot. To be honest I hate
the idea of using a 360 camera with a phone. 360 cameras can do so much more
when they’re on their own however I must say one thing I love
about attaching my insta 360 one to my phone is having a massive iPhone screen
to preview everything I’m looking at live in 360. That’s really cool and it’s
harder to do that without the cameras. Yeah you can do whatever Wi-Fi
connection but you don’t get as sharp resolution. That is one benefit to
plugging the One into your phone and for those of you wondering how I’m holding
Insta 360 One while filming on an Insta 360 One well I’ve got two. You have
a tripod thread down here and it’s made of plastic beware. I haven’t had any
issues with it yet but I wouldn’t discount it having issues later, maybe it
could break I don’t know. Probably not if you’re sensible but I’m not very
sensible. Next to the tripod thread we have the microSD slot and I know that’s
a really strange place to put it but I’ve actually found to be really
handy. This button here is the on/off and you can also press it twice I think for
video three times for time lapse I don’t remember to be honest I find a
little bit confusing I’d much rather connect to my smartphone. You can use
this via Bluetooth connection however beware it’s not going to give you a live
view. You’re going to have to guess you can change your settings manually
however you can’t see what you’re looking at until you plug the camera
back into your phone. This is the case that it came with and I’ve got to say I
hate it it’s not a good case. It’s hard plastic and it’s actually really hard to
jam the camera in there. It’s always a struggle like I’m literally I’m
struggling to get this in right now. You got to get on the exact right angle for
it to go in smoothly otherwise it actually touches the lenses, the lenses
and smudges them up. Sometimes I’ve had smudged photos. Every other 360 camera
comes with a soft case of some kind whether it be neoprene or a pouch this
is good because it holds your camera but also it cleans the lenses as you’re
moving around. This one doesn’t and by the way to state the obvious the Insta 360 One is for iPhone only no Android yet. It is coming potentially in
the next 1 to 2 months but it’s not ready so iPhone users you can buy this
Android not yet. The image quality is 6912 x 3456 and while this is above
average for consumer 360 cameras you shouldn’t buy a 360 camera just based on
resolution. All-around versatility and a number of other factors are more
important so let’s take a look at some other features now. The One has the
ability to shoot RAW photos which is ground breaking for point-and-shoot 360
cameras. You’ll need to stitch in Insta 360 studio on desktop then bring
the file into a raw photo editor like Photoshop or Lightroom. Here’s a normal
photo taken with the One and a raw photo. Obviously the normal One looks better
straight out of the camera but now I’ll try color grading them and see how that
equation changes. So the raw photo is looking way better, the normal photo is
looking maybe 10% better and to be honest I really like to look at both of
them and I don’t see that much of a
difference between them in this specific situation. It’s going to be a high contrast
situations that you see the biggest difference but it’s by no means an
essential part of the workflow to edit raw photos. It’s only for you color
grading nerds out there that want full control of your dynamic range like me
and love playing with color. The video quality is 4k and in my experience so
far it’s been very decent it handles most situations pretty well. The One lets
you shoot in log mode which essentially is the same principle as raw. It gives
you more control over your colors later on however I haven’t really found this
to be that different to any other 360 camera and the dynamic range to be more
or less the same. Stitching test and I just want to say no I’m not an amputee
this was unfortunately the not-so good stitching from the One. This is one
of the big weaknesses of the One the stitching isn’t that good because the
lenses are far away. Within the app there’s an optimized stitching option
however when I press it on and off I’ve found it doesn’t make that much of a
difference this means you’ll need to keep all important details of your scene
away from the same line and in front of the front or back lenses. You will also
need to be careful around direct sunlight I mean look this is an issue
that every single 360 camera has however I have noticed something different about
the One. It almost seems like one lens has a haze over it and as I moved the
camera around you can see the haze changes to the other lens. Look I’m
probably over analyzing it but this is something you definitely will want to
check as you’re shooting to make sure you have a camera position that works
the best in direct sunlight. One of the coolest features of the Insta 360 One is
the beautiful six axis stabilization. You can shake this camera in any direction
and it’s going to stabilize itself. This is really handy if you’re on the go a
lot and completely careless like I am here. 360 video can be nauseating already
so having this feature means you probably won’t make your audience sick
and that is always a good thing. I just find this incredible and the Insta 360 One is
an improvement yet again on the Nano and the Air for stabilization. Even when I
shake it around violently mom’s spaghetti still remains very much in my
stomach. Don’t try this at home and by that I mean definitely do try
this it’s fun. Previously I mentioned the fact that the Insta 360 One has drifting
issues, if I set it up and let it go for a few minutes
slowly the file would move to the left to the left to the left
well after posting that video I did hear a few other people had this issue so
it’s not just me. However I think I might have found a fix
for it. You are able to calibrate the 360 camera within the app. There are two
options in Calibrate stabilization and you can calibrate the
stitching. You want to do both this involves moving the camera 90 degrees at
a time you just follow the prompts it’ll take 30 seconds but this very well could
be a solution to the dreaded drifting issue. Next we have the much-hyped
bullet time effect which involves attaching a string to the One changing
it into bullet time mode where it records 240 frames a second and you
swing it around your head at about a 1.5 meter distance to kind of create a
matrix like effect. I think this effect is pretty cool but
you only get a 720p output and also I don’t really see how you could actually
use this other than silly social media videos. It’s definitely a cool effect but
I think it’s going to be something that comes and goes
You’re putting your camera at risk by trying this it could easily smash into a
wall or the string could come loose from your finger so really it depends on how
much of a daredevil you are. For me the final effect isn’t really worth risking
breaking my camera especially given the prominent seam line that is exacerbated
by swinging the camera around. If you are a badasss and want to try this I’d
suggest doing it in strong sunlight. All cameras performed super slow-motion much
better in strong sunlight. This was late afternoon here and the sun was just on
the horizon. Here is the One in low light and looking at my iPhone here I’m seeing
a lot of noise everywhere especially in the darker really dark areas
whereas I think some other 360 cameras would pick those areas up. The lighter
areas yeah they’re doing okay. I’d say this is acceptable but I don’t know. I
probably wouldn’t rely on the Insta 360 One
for anything this dark, you’ll have to go into outdoor lighting at the very least
or shoot late afternoon but not when the sun goes down. The Insta 360 One app is
basically the same thing they’ve used with their previous two cameras however
there is one feature that sets this app apart from every other 360 camera app
out there and it’s called Free capture. Put simply it allows you to watch back
your 360 videos and hold the record button down as you move your phone
around and record a regular view point. I’m essentially able to utilize the
whole 360 video and convert it into a normal 16×9 video. This is super cool
because I’m moving my phone around as we speak and it looks like I’m just holding
a regular video camera. I haven’t yet seen a mobile application do something
like this so Insta 360 are leading the way when it
comes to manipulating your 360 videos on mobile. This is something that’s super
handy if you’re a blogger that’s into 360 and this is one of the best features
of the Insta 360 One. The next cool feature of the app is called Smart track where
you can draw a green box around your subject and it tracks you throughout the
whole video and make sure you stay in the dead center. This is deadly accurate
however it does make the background jitter a lot as you may have noticed in
the earlier sections of this video. I bet you were thinking something isn’t quite
right what is that? I can’t put my finger on it that’s it. And by the way expect
to see this screen a lot. Whenever you have the camera attached to your phone
and you switch apps it will automatically disconnect then you’ll
have to unplug and reconnect. Also sometimes I’ve found the camera takes a
really long time to be recognized and while you can plug it in either way into
the lightning jack I found sometimes it takes a ridiculously long time to
recognize the camera and by ridiculously long I mean 20 or 30 seconds which is
ridiculously long. Then again sometimes it can take three seconds so patience is
a quality you will need to have. One feature that the Insta 360 One beats every
other 360 camera out there with is to storage and yes it does have a microSD
slot there but you can record straight to your
iPhone. This is super cool if you do forget your memory card for some reason
you can record straight to your phone how cool is that. I know
you’d have to be really forgetful to forget your microSD card but I’m really
forgetful and I’ve done it twice already since owning my Insta 360 One and that has
saved me. I mentioned in my test footage video that I was having issues with
micro SD cards. I tried every single one out there and none of them would work
well I’m here to tell you that I’ve solved that problem. I found the perfect
micro SD card. It is the San Disk one the red and black. I’ll put a link in the
description there aren’t going to be many SD cards that work with it you need
a super super fast one 95 megabits a second plus and ultra high-speed 3 but
there are a few. Check the description but Mr. Ben is the Insta 360 One
better than the Theta V or the Xiaomi camera? Well I’d say it’s not as good for
video although it has some really stylish features however it is more
versatile than those other two cameras. In my opinion those two cameras beat the
Insta 360 One when I put them side-by-side in that video comparison but in terms of
all-around versatility I think the One wins and for me almost the app alone is
what wins me over to the Insta 360 One. I love shooting tiny planets,
I love manipulating my 360s into other things so to be able to do that within
the app is something I’m really looking forward to doing. Look I probably won’t
use this as my number one camera however I will keep it on me as I travel around
and I just need something different and I need blog material I will definitely be
getting the Insta 360 One out.The one is currently retailing for $300
and is it worth $300? Let me think about it.
Yes, it is absolutely worth $300 given it can do so many
different things. It actually is a very good photo camera and a good video
camera. Look there’s going to be stitching issues and the colors aren’t
always the most vivid and it will be slightly inferior to the other cameras
in a few areas but I would say the One is a really good all-around camera to do
everything. And because I’m a blogger I know it’s going to really help me get
stylish looking blogs out really fast without having to go to my computer at
all , can do it all on my phone so if you’re a blogger the Insta 360 One is
a very good option for you. The one is currently available on Amazon so I’ll
put a link down in the description and it’s going to be available on Gearbest
really soon for even cheaper so I’m gonna put a link to that as well down in
the description so definitely check them out and figure out which one is the lower
prices get the cheaper one I’d also strongly suggest you join the insta 360
community group on Facebook if you have any questions if you want to see sample
photos sample videos and to see all the wacky experiments people are up to I
always find that group really interesting and hang out there a lot so
I would definitely suggest you join if you have any questions leave them in the
box below and I’ll do my best to answer them otherwise I will see you in the
next video. One more thing can I put it in my mouth?